As the energies of the planets harmoniously blend, bringing forth frolic and fun, we are once again reminded that summer is finally here. Astrologically speaking, a retrograde occurs when the planet moves closer to the Earth, changing the vibration of the planets’ influence. In addition, on June 27, 2013, Jupiter, the planet of luck, moved into the sensitive, moon-ruled sign of Cancer where it will remain for one year. As Jupiter now transiting in Cancer at odds with your natal Sun, work related matters will shift greatly as you see yourself moving upward, or merely leaving your present position. While demands from others can and will occupy plenty of your time, you may find yourself on a path of self-discovery. Powerful aspects to your own Sun energy can be more than beneficial for career opportunities, as Venus, the planet of passion, balances your own sign, and Jupiter in Cancer, forms a much needed balance This is a strong cycle in which you find yourself moving forward in most areas of life.
As Jupiter the planet of chance moves into your own sign, you may feel a sudden desire to step out of the box. This month as a few of the planets align favorably, you may find yourself wanting to manifest your dreams, As Venus in Leo, and Jupiter in Cancer provides balance to your own sign, your desire to take the bull by the horns becomes more evident.
As your ruler Mercury turns retrograde, you may see yourself a bit more reflective than usual. You are poised in a great direction for the next month or so as Venus in harmony to your own sign will enhance you considerably. Family obligations and changes within the home are the key points this month as you see yourself being pulled between work and home. This is your time to shine as transiting Venus in Leo, and Saturn in Scorpio bring life and appeal to your own Sun’s energy.
Make careful choices for the next few weeks or so, until after Mercury goes direct on July 20th.

A very interesting month for you as the opposition and square of the planets bring forth a sense of much needed changes. Creativity, and individuality are key points, as your need to travel, seek out knowledge, or just live out of the box is highly indicated. In addition, Mercury in retrograde taking place in your 4th house may trigger unsuspecting family pressures, a good time to create a plan of action. This should be a powerful period for you as much of what you need to do is laid out for you. As with Cancers, home and security is your saving grace, however with this transit you may find yourself changing gears. Relationships, both business and personal related are strong factors this month as long as you keep your priorities in check. Partnerships take on a new and positive look, as you feel the weight of the last two years slowly falling away. The tug pull of the energy may cause you to act out of character, so take care as to not overdo.
Also, a strong period for matters of the heart, as you see yourself becoming more entwined with the idea of commitment. For those born under the Aries, Libra and Capricorn, expect changes within the area of work and home. However with Venus the planet of love, accents you, a noticeable difference will take place with regard to money and love matters.
More importantly, be watchful of not only what you say but also how you say it, as Mercury turns retrograde in your area of chat.
A very strong cycle for you as your creative juices begin to flow, love begins to flourish and your relationship with yourself takes on a new meaning.

This can be a strong and prosperous time; nonetheless, as again you shift your priorities into first gear. However at this stage in the game you’re at a place where you need to let go of obstacles that have hindered you in the past. In addition, taking directions and being more decisive in areas of work related situations, enhances how others see you.
When Mercury retrogrades we begin to dig deeper into our thoughts, we seek out answers, we heavily introspect. Relationships of all kinds will be changing for the better, and money matters might improve as we seek novel ways to improve ourselves financially. For most Cancers, this may be a period where you take a closer look at your life as you begin to make changes that will no doubt enhance your every move. Health looks positive, money is gainful, and work matters may be a bit stagnant however it’s up to you to keep the ball moving. A fruitful time with family and friends, as you finally feel like everything is falling into place again. During this time, much of our focus will be placed on family, friends and personal security. On the other hand, this is a good time to think as well as communicate from a comletely different angle stay open, yet grounded.

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