SHARE OR PIN this article for your friends & followers!Another vitally interesting month awaits you, Sagittarius, especially for the excitement of ideas and of creativity in reinforcement of their outreach.
As the month begins, you are still feeling the energy of the recent New Moon in your opposite sign. There is also in this current month's astrology the highlighted presence of Neptune to consider.
There is also the retrograding presence of Saturn, which, having recently slipped back into the sign of Scorpio, is therefore once more located in your twelfth solar sector of unconscious process, creating an important focus there. With all the attention paid over the course of this present monthly cycle to your deep places within you, as indicated by the preceding astrological indications and as well by the Sun's recent entrance into your eighth sector of intimacy and personal evolution, this month might represent an ideal timing for you to integrate a deeper appreciation for your own internal process of increasing awareness for everything that you hold inside. Includes a colorful birthchart with complete interpretations of zodiac signs, planetary positions and aspects. With both free and paid subscriptions, MyASTROGRAPH harnesses the information in your unique chart so you can explore your evolving personal astrology every day. With free membership, you will gain access to the detailed lunar influences on your monthly horoscope written by acclaimed astrologer Henry Seltzer. Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, sign of duality also Virgo, and has its exaltation in Aquarius.
Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities.
Chiron is a small planet, or 'planetoid' that was only discovered in 1977, and which has already shown itself to be quite powerful in an individual's chart. As goddess of the harvest and the natural process of fertility and renewal, Ceres represents the process of nurturing and motherhood in an individual chart, and has been attributed to the sign Cancer as a co-ruler with the Moon, as well as to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo. The astrology of the asteroid Pallas indicates the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom, and is also involved with the arts, especially the plastic arts such as sculpture and pottery, and with medicinal remedies. The astrology of Juno indicates partnering energy of intimate relationships, as in the more modern issues of where the boundaries are with another person, how much sharing is appropriate, versus holding back, are there issues of bitterness and jealousy, or projected authority and control onto another person, and intimacy needs in general. While the lower expression of Eris might manifest as the lust for struggle and violence, there is also a more positive manifestation in the most basic defense of one's rights in standing up to established power, by violence if necessary. The Part of Fortune (from the Latin Pars Fortuna) is the only Arabian astrology part still commonly used in modern astrology. Gemini is the sign associated with communication, logical thought processes (based on duality) and the conscious mind. Virgos love work, service to others and the gathering of the fruits of the material world, as symbolized by the harvest.
Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, and is associated with sexual activity and with the symbolism of death and rebirth. Sagittarius is an optimistic, positive-thinking sign associated with the quest for freedom from all restriction as well as idealism, religion and philosophy.

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This implies a strong degree of concentration on partnership matters and the impact of close personal relationship on your life; business relations are another possible focus of your energy over the course of this exciting monthly cycle. This might feel like a throwback to last year, when Saturn was also in Scorpio; and this month might feel like the chance to take what was in process then and make one more attempt to get it right.
By recognizing and coming to terms with this potentially violent factor in ourselves we can grow as humans and become more whole. Gemini people tend to be airy and intellectual, glib of tongue and curious about life and other people. Their ruling planet is the Moon, and they tend to be moody, with constantly changing emotions. They are also likely to be a good conversationalist, with wide-ranging knowledge and interesting ideas. The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for balance between polarities.
They are forward thinking and detached, and can seem conservative though they really are not very much so. I hope Sagittarius are the eternal wanderers of zodiac looking for a sagittarius mate, read your sagittarius love horoscope to find your mate.
You are also this month continuing your deep examination of partnership in an even more active way. You have likely been questioning the way that relationship connections seem to work for you, of fail to, for the many weeks of the recent retrograde of Mercury through this same sector; now Mercury is past the point where it originally began to go backwards, ushering in a whole new way of thinking about this part of your life.

Located in your sector of home and family, this numinous archetypal presence implies that there is a highly idealized spiritual component to your home environment these days that can also manifest as confusion, illusion or a form of deception. This focus on the deep and hidden places within you is echoed this month in many other ways as well, so that there is a powerful chime right now for an intensity of inner work. Saturn rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra, and is limited and material, versus unlimited faith (as represented by Jupiter). Like the energy of the first rush of spring, they move into the world in a headstrong, pioneering way.
They can be analytical and perhaps overly fond of detail, with perfectionist tendencies, and they may miss out on the big picture by concentrating on the micro. Scorpios have great personal magnetism and great powers of persuasion or even the ability to coerce others. This you can construe as an attempt to expand your worldview to more fully include the nuances of what relationship to significant others in your life truly means for you. With the timing of the Full Moon of July 1st, Uranus is in close trine to Mercury in your seventh or relationship sector, implying still another shift during these first two weeks of July in the energy that you have for important partners. You might be running into difficulties in keeping your home clear of unwanted clutter or the same could apply to your psychological housekeeping. It indicates areas where the personality will be restricted by fears and lack of confidence, and also areas which are important to be worked on in this lifetime.
Aries people are likely to rush into things before reflecting, and may also be impatient or unwilling to sit back and allow events to mature. They are likely to be self-confident and maybe even a bit self-indulgent as they expect to be the center of attention, and often are. There is a liberating as well as a limiting effect, so that your basic urge for freedom is not in the end curtailed, but rather advanced. They are subtle, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around them.
These more far-reaching implications of what you are up to on the inside do take an intensity of investigation in order to fully appreciate, and will repay that study with a growing illumination over time, as part of your ongoing transformation of values. The position of Chiron, by house and sign, can also show where we have talent and access to ancient wisdom, as well as where we may depart from the mainstream in service to a higher practicality.

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