This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life. A lot of people write to me about what Manglik dosha is and how important it is for ascertaining horoscope compatibility and in wrecking relationships.
Coming back to the point, presense of Mars in houses 2, 4, 7, 8, and 12 causes Manglik dosha. Mars in bhava 12: By its location in house 12, Mars causes full 8th house drishti on 7th house. Mars in houses 7: Affects house 7 itself, but also affects 2nd house, which is the house of family, thus harming traits of two houses representing a happily married life in a horoscope. As I have explained in the other post, Manglik dosha has a reduced effect after age of 30 years for females and 45 years for males – there is a difference in ages perhaps because men are naturally more aggressive. Whenever looking at your kundali for manglik dosha and trying to do an equivalent of self medication, please be aware of these points. Kshitij, I must say this is an excellent site, especially for someone like me who just started learning astrology(and find very interesting). Manglik dosha = yes and Reason: Mars in the 4 th house for bride and exactly same for the groom.
What I didn’t understand then if both bride and groom has same Mars in 4th house, then the Kundali is matched or not? That is a good question – Nowhere does the tool say whether it is a good match or not.
Anyways wll also like u to plz mail back the good books or sites for starting learning astrology plz.
Help us please, Ours is going to be a love marriage and the two families are ok with our marriage and the kundalis were matched we found out that my to be husband’s kundali had manglik dosha and I am not. In your paragraphs on cases in which a Mangalik Dosha gets nullified, you have mentioned that if Mars were to be present in the 12th house, and the sign is Libra, then the Manglik Dosha gets nullified. First of all congrats then Thanks for sharing your knowledge… and enlighting many others with your knowledge of Hindu astrology.
I have many questions in mind to ask and as anyother human I too want to know all abour my future but this is someting very arbitary. I was born on 23 dec 1982 (around 1:05 AM , Chennai, India) and my Husband was born on 12 aug 1977. We want to live together and have decided to have a live in relationship, society be damned. I would like to know if there would be any problems in the marriage if girl is a Manglik in 8th house by Mars and guy is not a Manglik. Looking for your valuable advice, it can make or break a relationship which is looked up with a lot of hope for a future existence.

I am shown with Dosha even i am having mars in 12 th house with Libra sign which should not be like that as per your exceptions list, please help me.. An important difference is 12th house is occupied by both sani and rahu and ketu is in 6th house and the rest are inbetween rahu and kethu.And hence some say I dont have KSY. I need your help for my successful marrriage life with whome i love and We love each other very much. I have very frequently visited your site and found it very informative.I thought you can very well solve my problem. I am having manglik and even your chart shows that i am manglik but a guy whom i want to marry is not.
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What this means for remarriage is that it may not be necessary for us to look for Manglik dosha when going for a remarriage after divorce or death of a spouse. This tool is one of the steps in chart matching: we still have to look at some other factors. I’m an astrologer, well-versed in Western Astro and I have a keen interest in Vedic Astro as of late when I happened to chance upon the article of the malefic Mars or Mangal as Vedic astrologers would say and I found it completely interesting. Ours was a love marriage and the two families were ok with our marriage and the kundalis were matched. If a person were born on September 27, 1981, I believe she has mars in her 12th house, however her sun sign is Libra.
Out of 36 guna matching they score 29, but this Manglik effect in Girls chart around 25 % is causing a bit of worry. We have been visiting astrologers to find out whether the boy we have looked for her is manglik or not.
I have through my horoscope by a professional astrologer and as per it Iam DOUBLE AFFECTED MANGLIK. By reading your article you say by knowing rahu and ketu dasha some manglik dosha can be lighten up can you please suggest me with the same…can we go ahead with the decision of marrying him. Before I start, I would like to emphasize that horoscope compatibility analysis is a job of a well trained and qualified professional astrologer. If the dosha is operating from both these lagnas in a kundali, then it gives its full results.

This relates directly to upbringing of the child and a sense of fierceness and assertiveness may be a part of behaviour itself. It is not a good position for Mars itself and harmful for other traits represented by Mars in the kundali as well. My software should also say that there is no dosha if Mars is in 12th for a Libra ascendant.
I have manglik dosha, and it is in its own sign of Scorpio and in the 12th house of my lagna chart. Recently I found out that my kundali had naadi dosha & an astrologer told me that conceiving was going to to be tough.
Can u also let me know what are the ill effects of mars been placed in the 8th house of the girl?? Mars is a planet of valour and vigour and if associated with the lagna works towards making the person brave and headstrong. The strength of the dosha increases if it operates in navmsha chart as well, but we should always look at the presence of dosha in rashi chart first and only then look at navamsha for support. It has drishti on 8th house, which is maraka sthana for spouse represented by 7th house in a horoscope.
Mars has a full 4th house drishti and affects 7th house from its position in the 4th house in the kundali. More heartbreaking was that I found out that only 17 gunnas matched and i dont understand why this was not seen before we got married. Like I said we are from similar backgrounds and share a lot of values yet there is no chemistry between us!
These qualities work against a relationship because then people become uncompromising as well. Also, I hear that if one has a partner who also has a manglik dosha, the effects of the dosha in both charts will it be nullified? Marriage is about teamwork between husband and wife and would not work if one of the partners is aggressive, uncompromising and cannot take the point of view of the other partner. Also, you have mentioned that mars in conjunction with jupiter or saturn cancels the dosha in certain cases. We both want to marry each other and want to have a good solution for this problem, if any.

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