Many startups start their life in someones home, in coffee shops or if a decision is made to - in a hot desking environment. Uber Office is a shared coworking space environment based a short 2 minute walk from Victoria station in London. I vividly remember the days when we would all congregate at someones house late on a Friday and Saturday evening, desperately trying to get through on a mobile number. Often we would get to the location just to find that it was a meeting place, there could be hundreds of cars there, all pumping out banging tunes with the head nodding brigade in the back seats. Eventually we would see a glow as we went over a hill in the countryside, or others just head into an industrial estate and park outside a deserted warehouse. The light rigs were usually pretty minimal, the sound system massively unbalanced with massive bass bins, virtually no mid range and shrill tweeters. No doubt the criminal justice act took it’s toll, but I know that there were still plenty of free raves happening after it came in, so that wasn’t the nail in the coffin, as it were?
Do not swim in the amazon naked - it swims itself into peoples arses and imbeds itself inside. All the pics are real man, just type in google the name and youll find a selection of pics from different sources; alot from specialist nerdy scientist ones. Youre right about the camel spiders tho' if you look the spiders can fit in the palm of your hand. There must be someone out there reacting to this as I am: this thread is simultaneously fascinating and revolting.
Was digging through some old photos today and thought I'd share a couple to go along with my signature list of past Torino's. Scott, I didn't reaize you sold the S&H to Movie Mike.And now we see it in the scrap yard??
Elite Marti report arrived, so here's a pic of the detailed breakdown (with my serial number covered a bit). Thought about checking with the dealer to see if purchase records would still be around in a file somewhere.

But once things properly kick off, often the need arises to have a place where you can get down to business, concentrate and get on with things in a distraction free environment - this is when a coworking space can play a crucial part in the development of a startup.
We offer state of the art facilities coupled with a beautifully designed space that will allow you to launch your start-up or build your business in a scene that encourages collaboration and creativity. Spread over three floors, each accommodating 12 - 14 desks, this space is perfect for small companies looking for a private self-serviced office. This was quite some time back, in fact over 20 years ago now, so calling a mobile in itself was pretty unique at the time. Either way, as soon as you turned your engine off you could hear pumping tunes and you knew the party was going to happen.
The sound used to be unrefined, bass heavy and sometimes even mixed pretty badly, but that didn’t matter, we were all there for the occasion, the experience.
The mekong catfish is one of the biggest catfish you can get out of three - the Amazon (S America), Mekong (SE Asia) and Wels (Europe and introduced into N America), all grow that big.
Love that sound - what are your cam specs, exhaust system components, etc, if you don't mind my asking?
Any idea why he dumped it when it was in good shape?Not really sure Carl, but a lot can happen in 9 years.
Looks like about 16 of the 400 powered 2-dr Broughams had the same paint, interior and black roof.
I'm also thinking Xmas gift, a special order, sold for retail car with the paper work dated the 25th sounds like something planned out that way. As the music itself became more commercial it became better produced and less focused on a bunch of sweaty hippies and ravers bouncing round in a field. The parasites hatch and slowly eat the snail from within, keeping it alive as long as possible.
They did manage to option it down to one, but the numbers still get pretty small just using the big stuff. Power steering, brakes, AC (could use an evaporator with housing), inner wheel wells and sway bar are all going back in place, as well as moving the battery back up front.

The clubs jumped on it in no time and soon everyone was paying 10 quid plus to get into events which finish at 4am.
If that catfish looks weird in the pic, it's because its being stuffed by the museum taxidermists.
We had good conversations on the phone, he was stoked to get the car and left me great feedback.
I know that putting a 400 back in probably makes the most sense, but I've been there and done that, so it's time for something different. As the scene got bigger and more commercial the whole thing became more watered down until we arrived at the situation we are in now.
Simple, to find the free party, free festival or illegal rave which would be kicking off that night. By this time the maggots are in the antennal eyes with only a thin film of skin separating them. I'm not real comfortable posting my serial number on the internet, so I X'ed out the last 4 numbers.
Running driving 302 auto with a poorly done black paint job, blacked out windows with black steel wheels. Found a small block C6, so things like the driveshaft, shifter and cooling lines should work as is. It was built by a friend of mine in the late '70 and we've been swapping it back an forth for decades. It will probably just be a street car, but I may have to go play a few times just for old times sake.

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