A comprehensive study of web users has determined that the dumber you are, the more likely you are to use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
At the other end of the scale are those oh-so-brilliant Opera users, followed close behind by users of Camino and Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame. Each subject's browser and operating system were detected and retained along with their scores on the well-respected Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (IV) IQ test.
Those results were then compared with the results of a similar study done in 2006 – and the results weren't pretty for users of Internet Explorer versions 6 through 9. AptiQuant does, however, single IE out as not only the newly anointed Browser for Dummies™, but also as an expensive drag on web developers.
Today’s enterprise environment is evolving and dynamic, driven largely by mobility, cloud services, encrypted communications and more. Highly efficient general-purpose virtualisation platform is easy to use and hybrid cloud-ready. Tracking and understanding application activity and performance starts with understanding what types of applications make up the mix. We have a typical 20 question IQ Test complete with answers, explanations and workthroughs. In each row of 3, if we add the red shapes together all 9 of the smaller squares are filled. Looking at the bottom row, the first two red shapes use all of the smaller grey squares, except the centre one.
Look at each individual symbol and imagine it divided into 4 squares, top-left, top-right, bottom-left and bottom-right. 1.0 VVT-i MultidriveBilled as the world’s smallest 4-seater, Toyota’s cute iQ goes on sale in the UK in January ’09. The iQ I drove was a pre-production version and Toyota was keen to point out that some aspects (eg. If it’s true that some city cars have compromised safety in the quest for size and economy, then the iQ certainly bucks that trend. With prices at around ?9,500 to ?11.500 (tbc, dependent on recent VAT change) the iQ isn’t cheap to buy, but with so much technology and sophistication, you shouldn’t expect it to be.
Most UK workers are clueless when it comes to cyber security, according to the results of a cyber IQ test created by Internet security firm ESET. Study participants were asked a range of basic to intermediate questions around cybercrime and security awareness, but most of them were answered incorrectly. 23 percent thought that having antivirus software installed meant they were fully protected and could surf the Internet safely. Just 29 percent of respondents felt that passwords needed to be complex in order to be effective. Mark James, security specialist at ESET, said: “Phishing is without a doubt one of the biggest threats to consumers so it is very reassuring to see that the majority are aware of the threat.
The more difficult questions in the study asked if respondents could identify what a DDoS attack was, however only 26 percent of respondents were able to answer correctly.

James added: “Our study has shown that consumers are still very behind in terms of cyber awareness and could be putting themselves, and the organisations they work for, at risk. Participants from Wales fared the worst in the survey with 31 percent of respondents thinking IoT stood for Internet of Technology, 20 percent not knowing what phishing is and only 29 percent of respondents realising that mobiles can be targeted by cybercriminals in the same way as computers and laptops. Fill in the details below and an e-mail will be sent to your friend telling them about this product.
A man from Surrey beat 95,000 contestants to score the highest IQ in a massive intelligence experiment broadcast live on BBC television.
Keith Jowett, a father-of-three from Surrey, scored 149 in Test the Nation, a new show hosted by Anne Robinson and Philip Schofield. Mr Jowett logged on to the internet to complete the test while viewers took part with a pen and paper, or through interactive television.
The chief executive Airport Operators Association, Mr Jowett said he found it "unbelievable" when Mr Schofield rang him to say that he had scored the highest of all the registered participants. The 56-year-old revealed that his wife had taken part in the quiz using a pen and paper and had scored an above-average 125. The man who devised the 70 questions, which challenged viewers' mental agility and reasoning skills, was psychologist Dr Colin Cooper, from Queen's University in Belfast.
The questions covered language, memory, logic, numbers and perception and were tested on 200 volunteers to ensure they produced a verifiable IQ.
Among the celebrities who lined up to take part in the challenge were Eastenders actress Natalie Cassidy (Sonia Jackson), music star Dane Bowers and Olympic gold medallist Jonathan Edwards. As well as being tested on intellectual matters, contestants were asked questions of scientific merit such as whether they can curl their tongue.
People still have two weeks to test their brain power on the BBC's Test the Nation website, which will be constantly updated. English-speaking users from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand were drawn to a free IQ assessment test on AptiQuant's website either organically through unprompted search-engine results or through advertisements.
If anything, IE users appear to have gotten duller over the past five years, and Opera users, sharper. Follow this logic through on the bottom row and you will see that symbol A should be the last symbol on the row. At just under 3 metres long it’s shorter than the original Mini, and vastly more sophisticated, but what’s this all-new city-car like to drive, and can it really seat four in comfort? With the optional, dual mode CVT ‘Mutidrive’ auto transmission (a 5sp manual is standard) this equates to 0-62mph in 15.5secs with a 93mph top speed. My test drive route included some horrendous cobbled streets which it took comfortably in its stride, although potholes and railway level crossings can send a slightly uncomfortable but temporary jolt through to the cabin’s rear. Check this list of standard equipment airbags: driver’s, front passenger twin chamber, front side (2), driver’s knee, front passenger seat cushion, curtain shield (2) and even a rear window airbag.
Not so with the iQ, although, with an overall length of just 2,985mm, the term ‘4-seater’ shouldn’t be taken too literally. When respondents were asked what ‘vishing’ is 35 percent were not sure, while 26 percent thought it was a scam delivered via text message.

However, consumers need to understand that antivirus is only part of the solution, they also need to be careful where they click. Cybercrime is a business and hackers know that they have a bigger return on investment hitting sites that have high numbers of visitors. In addition to this, when participants were asked which WiFi standard was generally most secure, 70 percent of respondents did not know and only 18 percent chose the correct answer. There are many security issues which are more targeted at businesses; however consumers should have a good understanding of the threats that target them. By not having the proper security standard enabled on their router, consumers could be unknowingly opening their home network to threats. Before being given the test, subjects were asked their age and gender; subjects under 16 were redirected to a different site, and their data was not used in the test. On the other hand, the smarter the user, the more likely they were to use Opera, Camino, and IE with Chrome Frame.
To maximize interior space Toyota started with a clean sheet of paper when it designed the iQ’s steering system, and with electric power assistance it’s well-weighted and responsive.
That said, apart from an easily scratched soft plastic finish on the interior door cappings, there was really nothing to fault.
There’s also Isofix child seat mountings on the rear seats, front seatbelts with pretensioners and force limiters, four three-point seatbelts with Emergency Locking Retractor, ABS, EBD, Brake Assist and Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control.
By starting with another clean sheet, the iQ’s designers made it possible for the front passenger to sit well forward of the driver, thus allowing sufficient space for a 6ft+ adult to sit directly behind. Cybercriminals are constantly revolutionising threats to make them even harder to detect and you can never been 100 percent secure. Once up to speed though, it motors along quietly and comfortably enough, maintains 70mph or more with ease, and even when on full throttle at high revs the iQ remains refined and unflustered. The iQ uses basically the same engine as the Aygo supermini, so that shouldn’t cause any problems.
The top spec iQ2 model also boasts dusk-sensing headlights, rain sensing wipers and an auto dimming rear view mirror.
This renders the iQ a definite 3-seater, but to seat four requires that either the driver, the passenger behind, or both, be relatively short-legged. Additionally, the iQ will very probably help contribute to the brand’s excellent ratings in ownership surveys.
There are motorbikes with more bootspace when all four seats are in use – 32 litres, or enough for two umbrellas or a slim briefcase – but the two rear seatbacks can fold flat, thus expanding loadspace to 242 litres, or plenty enough for a supermarket trip or a week away for two.

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