Meller was born a nomad, but when he was young, he and his mother moved to the commonwealth and gained citizenship. The nomadic beauty had men fighting for her affection long before she received the essence of Aphrodite. He’s from the commonwealth but he gave up the security behind the walls to roam the outlands. When he saw that in the city people didn’t just meet their basic needs, but they also had the opportunity to indulge in luxuries, he knew he would go for the luxuries. However, upon being struck by lightning, she developed the ability to lure men into a trance with her beauty, putting them under the impression that they’re in love with her.
He’s taken many lives under the command of G, but his breaking point was when he was ordered to execute a child for stealing.
Of course, the sea has become a dangerous place, riddled with pollution and deformed creatures.
When her father forced her into marriage with the son of another official, a vile man, she vowed to reap her vengeance any way she could. When people began to doubt their power, and essentially, their existence, they decided to simply lie dormant until the world needed them again. He emits this pleasant aura, which paired with his stunning good looks, makes him very magnetic.

Kinsey always loved and respected animals, despite having to snare them to feed her family. He’s known to combat the drudgery of his job by cracking jokes, as well as sneaking a taste of the alcohol. Intrigued by it, she went to the window to catch a glimpse of it first-hand where she was struck. Her persuasiveness and wit have always been with her, as well as her traits of jealousy and vengefulness.
In a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been stripped of all religion, all faith and all hope, they are re-born when they are needed most. He was the first to be struck by the lightning, and ever since, has been able to shoot it from his hands.
It broke her heart every time she had to hunt a bird or rabbit, but she developed methods to hunting them quickly, humanely and efficiently. The night he planned to escape over the wall and into the outlands, he was struck, just as he climbed over. He searched every where he could think of, until he found the boy wading in the dangerous water. Deanne developed the power of influence over any human female (this excludes the other reincarnated goddesses).

He was caught once, but rather than allow himself to be incarcerated, he fought off the officer who collared him, resulting in the man’s death.
Afterwards, he found that he could affect people in a way that made them feel like they had been drinking.
After being struck, Meller’s already impressive speed was increased to superhuman capacity. She was struck by lightning while fleeing from her new husband on their wedding night, under cover of darkness.
But when he slowly begins to run into the strangers from his visions, he realizes that coincidence has nothing to do with the occurrence.
He tried to hurry as best as he could, but his limp hindered his speed, leaving him caught out in the storm and vulnerable to the lightning. Sometimes he’s calm and docile, other times he lashes out in anger, still torn by the loss of his family.

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