If the person has been in practice the safeties then the transference will proceed along the parameters of that individual's ability to hold and keep the activation. If the person has not been in a practice of the safeties the Shaktipat will reflect that and the transference will be limited or withheld. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Split viewing is a method of selectively viewing the physical and the energetic in overlays of attention and attenuation.
For many years I would look at the world of spirit and would see very strange and beautiful entities and vistas. Look at a person or object eyes open and notice the fine details of what it is you are seeing. As you practice this and feel fairly competent with the first steps, begin to view the object behind your eyes while only viewing it once with the physical eyes. The other reality has many beautiful sights and some very upsetting ones so be clear with what it is you seek. We need to try and avoid having attachments to the outcomes of the events in the lives of others we are caring for. Kundalini healing isn't about insertion into the choices that others make outside of their expressed permission to receive a change. A harsh teaching can help us to recognize in ourselves what we need to do in order to help without hindering.
Part of the learning is the reaching out energetically towards people for their safety and return and so we do that. We accept that even as we attempt and intend we must allow and transcend our own ego involvement and honor the unique vision that has propelled these events.
We let go and move into neutrality that our own concerns and issues of intention may do the work that is allowed to be done. Touch the area or lightly pinch it and using that lasting sensation, breathe into that point. If you are going just for the opening or energizing of a chakra this is effective but the Kundalini can burst through if you are too persistent.
Many people with active Kundalini will not be experiencing the OBE states as the body is being transformed and the transformation has an anchoring effect of the soul body to the earth body often on the Kundalini active individual.
This is a post of some slow motion OBE experiences I had back in 1987 and 88 while living in the Yosemite Valley in the California Sierra Mountains. Some people who are drawn to interests such as the OBE already hear certain high pitched frequencies in their daily awake life.
This force of sound I feel is the change in the position not of the source of the sound but of the person sensing it. The first time I heard this it scared me badly as I was rolling out of my body towards the left I could literally hear what felt like the fabric of sound tearing and screaming out its pain at my incursion.
Much depends on where the consciousness is predisposed to experience and everyone is unique in that area.

These are merely my experiences and conclusions and no attempt to explain anybody else's experiences with it is being given.
It is an ancient method of awakening and activating the Kundalini in the shortest possible time.
An activation can leave after time if it isn't nourished but an awakening will never leave. For me they were always separate but could be combined by the use of conscious overlays of attention by simply blending them with intention and an inner adjustment that would attenuate the realities into combination. Instead of just shifting your energetic positioning, you now shift your energetic permeability by just allowing a visica pisces to develop between the two realities. It isn't our right or our mission to deprive another of an experience even a hurtful one, as some of the Korean hostages are having. Base of the spine, the navel or slightly below, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, stay away from between the eyebrows and the top of the head with this technique.
As you breathe feel the air come and go from your nasal and throat areas and consciously transfer the sensation to where you have touched or pinched the skin. If you have a sexual slowing then do this after allowing the condition to persist for a time as it isn't accidental that it is occurring and the sexual slowing has a purpose. This isn’t a permanent condition so no worries if you have been active with the OBEs and now find yourself somewhat grounded.
As we exit the body and inhabit for a time both physical and the external or astral body we are quickly thrust into areas of densities that are similar and yet far different than what we know to be as high or low or thick or thin at the same time, and even though we carry familiar concepts with us and sculpt our experiences with in them it doesn't change the dynamics of the densities that are there merely our interactions and perceptions within them. Just some thoughts on some slow OBE separations I have had and the phenomena associated with them.
Not all experience this but some do and it can become a problem when a person is unable to distinguish between the dream or waking state due to Kundalini transformation. Then the direct spiritual and energetic reality would be inside the physical or vice versa.
Now with out moving or changing your position close your eyes for a moment and see the object behind your eyes and then validate it by opening and seeing with the physical eyes. With your presence behind your closed eyes move to view the object from the side or from behind the object. In other words at the place where two circles intersect, the vesica pisces, attenuate your viewing to this locale.
Not only by them but by their captors and we hold them all inside of the energy and love, without distinction, that they may benefit from the experience being taught.
But we do not attach ourselves to the outcomes as those outcomes are the purview of a much higher authority. The changes need to be made first before you out of body with an active Kundalini signature. Sometimes the frequencies can be so loud and annoying as to come under the diagnosis of tinnitus. The frequencies are always there for me and I consciously send out my own frequencies to harmonize with them.

I hear multiple frequencies and they almost become as a scream of sound at different pitches all at once as I continue to lift out or roll out per Robert Monroe's techniques. I learned from this and other similar experiences that when we leave the body sometimes our physical senses will pick up and process phenomena that is and isn't of the physical at the same time. When the consciousness leaves quickly these sounds and the dynamics of them can pass so fast as to barely be noticed as the person can exit the physical and causal bodies so rapidly as to exclude or diminish them.
Here at KAS-1 it is based upon the practice of the safeties as a sudden awakening can be sometimes too much for a person to handle and still exist in the Western societies.
This was always a choice for me and entailed a certain mindset which is what I will try and explain to you now. Do this over and over and as you do this extend the amount of time viewing with the physical eyes closed.
I would suggest this for K active people only as they have to deal with the spiritual this way anyway. They are all having an experience that will give them a broad education that can teach not only themselves and their families and friends but the entire community of the world. We show our support for the teaching and try to help those who are still in the process of life and pray for those who have passed.
A higher teaching that goes beyond the mere calculations, expectations, and observances of the limited mortal mind. Be very careful about experimenting with other combinations as one can get into trouble by altering the flow.
An uncontrolled and un-sourcable quality of loud sounds coming into the hearing centers of the brain.
Typically when going from a sleep paralyzed position into the OBE following the vibrations.
It is to me the equivalent of the sound of a lock being turned by a key or the hinges of a door being heard to move. As the consciousness is in the body and outside of it at the same time a blending of stimulus can be experienced. At first you will be using your memory, this will give way to expectation, which will give way to attenuation. Same object, eyes closed, validate by opening briefly if you need too, and attenuating the view by moving your energy to a different place without moving your physical being. Don't be discouraged if you don't do this immediately, Be patient with yourself, realize that like your other skills it will take a bit of practice and intention to see results.

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