America's premier reading intervention program, proven to help students make quantifiable gains in reading achievement.
These easy, step-by-step lessons use interactive whiteboard tools to help students identify the elements of excellent writing and then apply them in their own work. From the simple applications that people use every day to specialized professional software, all computer programs are the result of hard work and creativity.

Get anytime, anywhere, online access with the READ 180 Interactive Teaching System.  Engage your students today!
Writing skills covered include all the essentials for grades 2–4—developing an idea, organizing, using details, writing convincing leads, and more! Readers will find out how the members of a software development team work together to create today‚Äôs top programs.

Includes tips for both Promethean and SMART Board users, plus JPEG versions of each sample (organized by topic: meaning, focus, details, etc.) to print or display on screen!

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