In my previous posting, I wrote about using a “split perspective” to look for meaning in the Tarot cards. Using this system of interpretation, it is possible to also see the Law of Attraction demonstrated in the Tarot.
You don’t have to work with Tarot cards for very long before you begin noticing that, for the most part, they are reflecting the energies and vibrations surrounding the situation and circumstances at the time of the question.
In Part 1 of this series, I told you I would show you a simple Tarot card spread that could help you identify what you are really focusing upon. While shuffling a favorite deck of Tarot cards, think about the situation or circumstance upon which you are seeking guidance. Typically, you will pull a card that points out some aspect or quality of what you are telling yourself you want to happen.
Because the Tarot is masterful at identifying and mirroring back to you the thoughts and feelings you are putting out to the universe, the essence of which, by the Law of Attraction, must be returned back to you, it is an excellent tool for self-discovery and self-empowerment.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Usually, the top half of the card represents a spiritual or mental condition, and the bottom half symbolizes the physical result of this condition. This knowledge can help you consciously direct your thoughts so that you may get better at creating deliberately rather than by default. Sometimes this card will be quite literal, such as pulling the 10 of Swords while wondering why you just can’t seem to get past a devastating break-up that occurred a few months ago. It will show you whether you are focused on what you say you want or upon the lack of what you say you want.

Using the devastating break-up example, drawing the 7 of Swords, II-The High Priestess or XVIII-The Moon could clearly point to the probability that you are deceiving yourself on some level, or refusing to listen to your inner knowing.
9 of Cups could be as simple as the suggestion to find more things in your life to focus on that would make you happy, while 3 of Cups may give you the idea that reaching out to friends could be helpful. This works with the Tarot of Marseilles, but not with modern cards that don’t follow the symbolic structure of the Marseilles deck. This card symbolizes the harmony between the spirit above and the person below, between the individual and the Universe.
It was not called that centuries ago, but the occult idea of “as is above, so it is below” was always a core concept of occult thought.
The former portrays the Horned God as the Devil card (which I find kind of offensive…why apply Christian principles to a tarot deck??) and the latter seems a bit too complex.
You say you want the tarot cards to give you an objective, clear, comprehensible answer to your question but all you have gotten back from them is gobbley-gook. Cups could be pointing to an emotional aspect of the situation, Pentacles to a physical aspect, Swords to a mental aspect, and Wands to a spiritual aspect.
In keeping with the devastating break-up theme, perhaps VI-The Lovers or 2 of Cups may show up.
Continuing with the devastating break-up example, 5 of Cups in Position 3 suggests you may be focused on what you’ve lost and not upon being part of the happy couple depicted by the 2 of Cups in Position 2. Even though you may prefer to be in a relationship, cultivating a belief that you are whole (and not broken) with or without a partner could be the first step on your road to recovery and, eventually, a more fulfilling relationship.
Lets consider the three celestial cards, the Star, the Moon and the Sun from the split perspective.

When our thoughts and goals are in harmony with the universe, then there is serenity and clearness of purpose in life. The bottom half of the Moon card shows the same two characters again as in the previous cards (Devil, Lightening Struck Tower), but now they take the form of hounds baying at the moon.
Pouring water into the pond symbolizes creativity and inspiration gained from having unity with the Universe. Unlike the Devil Card where the two bottom characters still retained elements of their humanity, now all traces of humanity are gone.
The Sun card’s bottom half once again shows the same two characters, but now they are fully realized as human. However, the stiff and awkward nature of the cards is probably due to the rigid symbolic structure of the cards.
Unlike a lot of prettier modern Tarot cards, the entire image on the Marseilles card served a purpose. The Rider-Waite deck is a beautiful deck filled with its own style of symbolism, but in trying to improve on the Marseilles deck, it also loses something in the translation. An emptiness similar to that experienced by people have lost their sense of self, who are overwhelmed by outside forces. Looking at the bottom half of the Moon card, instead of dogs, imagine people lost in self-destructive behavior like crime, abuse, and addictions.

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