Pierce Brosnan (1953- ) Pierce Brosnan was Born on May 16, 1953 in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.
Since his stardom in the 90's Brosnan has established himself as both a notable actor and producer. To start contributing, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, then try again.
They remained together until she lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 1991.

While married to Harris Brosnan legally adopted her children, Charlotte and Christopher, after their father died in 1986. They are currently married and have two children, Dylan Thomas and Sean William.
Although happily remarried, Brosnan remains loyal to his deceased wife stating, "Cassie has made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am. Has incurred a permanent scar on the right side of his top lip after he was hit by a stunt man while filming the Bond blockbuster TOMORROW NEVER DIES (1997).

Since THE NEPHEW, Brosnan has produced several other major motion pictures including 2004's LAW OF ATTRACTION in which Brosnan also appears opposite Julianne Moore. Currently Brosnan is working on producing THE TOPKAPI AFFAIR and THE 1 SECOND FILM due out in 2006.

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