When astrology charts are generated, they contain the glyph symbols, not the names of the signs, so we need to know them well.
The outer planets shape larger trends that influence society and big-picture phases of our lives.
Writing and empowering you to achieve your creative potential through the art of astrology.
After a while of looking at astrology books and magazines there comes a time when you need a bit more.
When you need some guidance on where to go next and some direction to gain more understanding of astrology. You may be a dabbler and want to take a quick class or plunge in and sign up for a proper course.
If you are not sure if I am the teacher for you you are always to welcome to have a complimentary Meet and Greet with me in downtown Vancouver.
You can sign up for an astrology class with me via Skype or eLearning at any time in the year. I work flexible hours to suit your busy life and offer you, my clients and students, the best timing options.
Your course time and date is chosen to suit us both and not scheduled for the same time and day each week. If you are a fast learner and want to grasp the basics of astrology and it’s techniques within a short time then my classes are for you. However, if you want to go slower and take longer to learn your astrology then maybe  fast track classes are not suitable and you should take the slower semestered classes see further down.. I only teach engaged students and you do need to make a commitment to yourself before signing up for one of my classes. I also offer Coaching by the hour which can be purchased as and when you see fit for those who only need a little help.
My Starzology Fast track astrology courses are for those who simply wish to learn astrology for their own pleasure and insights. INTRODUCTION TO ASTROLOGY (Prerequisite none – beginners) This six week beginner’s course covers all the basic information you will need to read a birth chart. If you want to do any ADVANCED course you have to send a natal chart interpretation of your own chart (1000) words before signing up. INTRODUCTION TO FORECASTING  You must have completed the Natal Chart Analysis course before signing up for this course.
There is more classroom hours than the Starzology classes and there are two semesters for each Level. My Starzology Level 1, 2 and 3 and the elective relationship course are all taught in two semesters. The two semesters usually run six months apart that is, the Spring Semester starting around March 21st and the Autumn Semester starting around September 21st each year. At present these courses are only available by Skype although I sometimes run them in the city so check with me. SEMESTER 1: This course introduces the language of astrology including the signs and planets, elements and modes, sign rulerships, hemispheres, quadrants and houses.
SEMESTER 2: Covers dispositor tree, mutual reception, derivative houses, minor aspects and declinations.

SEMESTER 1: The goal at this level is to achieve a solid working knowledge of forecasting techniques. SEMESTER 1: This course examines the potential and key indicators for relationships in the natal chart and teaches skills for identifying dynamics in all types of relationships. SEMESTER 2: Covers composite charts are covered to explore relationship compatibility and Davison relationship charts. Even a casual observer of astrology knows that the planets and stars and their alignment in the universe are important factors in making an accurate astrological prediction or reading. When you want to find the perfect gift for that special someone or other important person in your life, try learning astrology and find out some basic personality and character traits to help guide you in finding the perfect gift.
These two levels, the universal and the personal, are typically referred to as the macrocosm and microcosm. The centralizing and harmonizing source of light, and life’s sustaining and vitalizing Solar energies. A reflection of the Solar principle which provides form, organic activity, and bio-psychic structures.
The first differentiation of Solar energy, which allows for the principle of separating into differences, giving rise to duality and the mind. Each of the planets has a transcendent aspect, illustrated here in relationship to Mercury. Mercury has the ability to function in a higher capacity within the higher-self or higher-mind of individuals who are able to pierce through Saturn’s initial boundary to more transcendent understandings. Mercury functions as an uncommon (and in most persons, unconscious) planetary pair with URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO.
Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto function to bring Galactic ideas, information, and rhythms of wholeness to the solar system. These planets operate in an unconscious manner for those persons who have not yet begun to awaken to these rhythms from beyond our solar system.
Astrology Blog: The Lunar Cosmic Journal is published by Steven Shroyer and Seattle Astrology USA. You have a gift for seeing and reading the stars and energies with clarity and then making connections between the largest cosmic levels and the everyday actions within a person's life.
We learned that there are 12 houses which are  always ordered 1 – 12 in a counter-clockwise fashion and House #1 always starts at the same position.
Once you’ve mastered the material, test your knowledge with the astrology quiz below.
I will contact you and we can find a suitable time that is convenient to both of us for your personalized one-to-one Skype classes. You must have completed the Introduction to Astrology course before signing up for this intermediate course. The direct forecasting techniques of transits, solar returns, planetary returns and cycles are learnt. In particular I was most appreciative of the handouts… what an incredible reference guide.” ~ P. The animal associated with this astrological sign is the bull – a tough, strong animal, and if you wanting to learn astrology, this can give you some clues as to the characteristics of a typical Taurean.
The language of astrology interprets and describes the overall cosmic pattern, a rhythm of wholeness and intelligence, which is operating both in the universe at a grand level and operating within each of us at a smaller level. The original LOGOS and integrating factor that gives purpose to individual and holistic existence.

It functions as the lower-mind with the ability to classify, organize, abstract, and communicate within the phenomenal world. A typical way in which this initial boundary operates is the division between the physical world and the metaphysical world.
The extraction of value and meaning from one’s experiences which give rise to what is needed for harmonization with the inner Self and others. This planet symbolizes the function of the principle of expansion and all that is needed in any comprehensive order of activities. It dissolves all that isn’t in harmony with Wholeness and operating as a universal principle.
He's committed to helping individuals discover their life's work through purposeful action. This is a great gift and I am grateful beyond words that you are sharing this gift with the world -- and with me! This vibrant course introduces the student to the following: glyphs, quadrants, elements, polarities, modes, planets, signs, houses, angles, aspects and much more. If you have questions about this please contact me beforehand. On this six week intermediate course you will learn how to interpret a birth chart. If you have any questions please contact me beforehand. This six week intermediate course will address your personal relationships. There is a final written assignment required for completion of this course. two hours a week every other week for eight weeks (16 hours in all) and 16 hours of independent study.
It represent intelligence within the world, as the ability to create relationships between that which can identified as have different characteristics.
For those who experience the universe as only that which can be seen, calculated, classified, observed, and proven by a modern science methodology, Mercury does not  function as a conscious planetary pair with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. It assimilates, organizes and expands all that operates within the framework of the structure that Saturn provides. It represents the structure of the ego, as well as the structure of tradition, culture and society. It represents the vision from higher realms, descending to the physical, and new revelations from the expanded realm of consciousness operating at a planetary level. Class time is two hours a week every other week for eight weeks (16 hours in all) and 16 hours of independent study.
Just be able to know the sign for each glyph symbol, and also, be able to draw each glyph for the name of each sign.
You will compare two charts for their romantic potential and determine the synastry between the two charts. The in-depth reading of my natal chart gave me an expanded view of myself and a path to follow to reach my full potential and purpose. This course introduces you to the concept of house rulers, planetary dispositors, mutual receptions, final dispositors, and major aspect patterns. Each student will receive a copy of their birth chart, printed lesson notes at each session and some homework. This class is two hours a week for six weeks class and nine hours of independent study.

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