Leo Astrological Horoscope Sign(July 24-August 23)The Leo astrological horoscope sign is a fixed, masculine fire sign which is ruled by the Sun and represented by the lion symbol.Leos, like the sun, tend to shine and love being at the centre stage of attention.
Leo's Astrological Love MatchesBest matches for Leo signs are Aries and Sagittarius people, following those are Geminis and Libras. Leo enjoy the leadership position not because they like to keep things moving or under control or that they want to make things turn out right, but because they can keep the action going, today and tomorrow. The Leo horoscope sign can make up his or her mind in a few seconds and then stick stubbornly to that decision, right or wrong. If you're looking for a kindred spirit you'll find it in another Leo, however be prepared to share the limelight you both crave. They have a deep inner need for love and this finds expression in a number of ways, depending on which Leo you are talking about. While they don’t dwell on problems, he or he will expect you not to dwell on them either maybe for today, but certainly not tomorrow. Wouldn't it be great to know in advance how that new job will work out or how that budding love relationship will develop? They like to help others be upbeat and feel good which supports their tendency to be great leaders and bosses. Opposite which are likely to attract you are Pisces and Capricorn signs.If you happen to get into a love and romance relationship with a Virgo or Cancer try to learn from your mutual differences. It may be expressed as an intentionally cultivated and flamboyant charm designed to attract a sexual partner.
To the Leo, being up front, king of the jungle is more important than going into action or achieving the goal. While the future isn't written in stone and there is no way to know it with absolute certainty, the ancient science of astrological horoscopes can definitely give you an accurate understanding of trends and probabilities in a way no other discipline can. Leos are typically ambitious, confident and loyal although they can also be very independent and extravagant. Leo's aren't supposed to do that well with Taurus or Scorpio signs so you may want to avoid them. This can be a bit of a problem if you work for this astrological sign because it means that you will be dealing with a forceful personality with considerable ego. You can discover the likelihood of consequences and spot possible problems before they happen. Being rather regal like the lion they can also be rather vain and proud and become even a bit overbearing if they feel they're larger than life or they become intolerant and domineering. The worst combination for you, astrological wise, is with an Aquarius.And it’s no surprise that two Leos often don’t get along together. The best way to deal with a Leo is to make sure that he or she has plenty of constructive outlets for action available.
Astrology, the gift of the Ancients, can be yours with an accurate tomorrow’s Leo love horoscope or a detailed astrological report.

It will utilize all that pent up energy for something demonstrative and it will keep the Leo out of your hair and in the public gaze.
You can find out more about how you relates to the ones you love with our love and romance compatibility Astrological Report. The big woop for you is that Jupiter moves into your sign on July 17th, blessing you with fortune and luck for a whole year. January through June finds you finishing up obligations and perhaps working in solitude on a behind-the-scenes project in preparation for your big coming out year. It will conjunct both Pluto and Mercury, and it will square both Mars in your 3rd house of communication, and Uranus in your 9th house of travel, publishing, and education. Also, guard your health closely- this moon occurs on New Years Day and we all know how much you love to party! Saturn in your 4th house of home will be supportive, indicating that you may move or finish home renovation projects.February looks good, with a friendly new moon in your partnership house suggesting you go on a surprise trip with your lover, or perhaps get an agent or book publisher. The full moon in your own sign of Leo at the end of Feb sextiles Mars in your house of communication and contracts, doubling down on both of these possibilities.March is also smooth sailing, as a new moon in your 8th house of joint resources is well supported- it’s conjunct Neptune, trine Jupiter in the 12th, and sextile Pluto in your 6th! The full moon in your income sector later in March is sextile your house of home, indicating that income could also come from or on the home. Also in March (the 23rd), the north node moves into Libra and your 3rd house of communication. The north node here wants you to focus on your immediate environment- on your friends, neighbors, siblings, and keeping all systems running smoothly. Slow down and be sure to listen to others when they speak!Now for the bad news- April is truly a headache of a month.  The new moon in your 9th house of travel will conjunct Uranus, square Jupiter in your 12th, AND square Pluto in your 6th. Travel and publishing projects will not go well, unfortunately, and something totally surprising may pop up. Also this month, Pluto goes retrograde for 5 months, and work projects may stall or need to be re-done.On April 21st, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and Moon will all square each other- causing a huge headache for everyone.
This is likely to play out on the world stage as well, as often this kind of clash can bring about an uprising or world crisis (we’ve seen this the past few Aprils- Arab spring anyone?). Luckily, April also brings a pretty friendly lunar eclipse in your 3rd house of communication, as well as a solar eclipse in your 10th house of career that’s conjunct Mercury and sextile Neptune in your 8th house of money. You may begin a new career path- possibly involving writing or speaking- and it could net you some funds. Watch the next 6 months to see how this plays out.July is when things really start to shift into high gear for you, as Jupiter moves into Leo, bringing blessings and luck your way!August might bring trouble on the partnership front, however, as the full moon in this sector squares Saturn in your 4th house of home and opposes Mercury in your own sign.
It will be conjunct Uranus, trine Mars in your 5th house of true love and creativity, and ALSO trine Jupiter in your first house of self! You are extremely gifted and have a vivid imagination.Being the calm and cautious person that you are, you tend to have an excellent business-mind. Alternatively you might discover a pregnancy or hear good news about one of your children!There’s also a solar eclipse in October in Scorpio at 0 degrees, indicating you may begin to think about changing up your living situation.

It will conjunct Venus, and sextile Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, so it will be steeped with good fortune. Having financial security is crucial to you so you are likely to be practical and prepare for the future.The August 6th birthday personality are spiritual, gracious and are no strangers to sacrifices. Even better news, Saturn will exit your housing sector on December 24th (Christmas Eve!) relieving any pressure you’ve felt in this area. With exceptional beauty, you turn heads without much effort.Nobody does it better than a Lion born on this day. The birthday horoscope for 6 August predicts that you take pride in the work you do and others appreciate it.The August 6 birthdate characteristics also show that you have the ability to make people feel special. For this, people are obliged to you and have a likelihood of returning the “favor.” However, as a leader, you can be dominant or authoritative.
The temper of a Lion is typically explosive for a person with an August 6 birth day.If today is your birth day, then as a friend, you are likely a sounding board for many heated topics and discussions.
You have a way of understanding exactly what your friends are going through and can offer many times, solutions to their circumstances.The 6th August birthdate meanings show that you have the capacity to speak clearly and effectively as there is no misunderstandings. You enjoy your friends and family especially when they all come together for one cause or event. You can see the twinkle in your eyes when they come around.An August 6 zodiac birthday person in love will find much joy in a relationship that is based on mutual respect. Leo born individuals are likely to pamper their soul mates with limo rides, expensive gifts and fine dinning. You love walking on the red carpet but then, who doesn’t.You usually make the A List of people invited to extravaganzas. It’s fun and entertaining to you and to have someone to share this lifestyle with is only added pleasure.
But when they are not, you’re really upset!The August 6 birthday astrology analysis predicts that those born on this day usually have a flair for the dramatics and would make a fine actor or actress. There could be a profession as a planner.When you’re thinking of yourself, you are concerned with others and how to make things better.
Bottom line, Leo can be anything you so desire as long as the Lion can roam freely.Placing restrictions on the 6th August birthday personality could have detrimental affects. At the same time, a management position would suit you just fine as you can share more of your talents as a leader.If your birthday is today, August 6, you are Leo the Lion.

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