Pandora is releasing an entirely new set of Chinese zodiac charms this year with the official launch date on January 25th in North America! It’s spring break and here are 3 FREE math game apps to keep your kids math skills sharp over the holidays. Cricket Kids: Opposites is a great game and quiz app for children aged 2-7 for teaching opposites.
Educational psychologists have studied how preschoolers learn, and they have identified certain skills that are directly correlated with higher achievement later on in school.
This math app is for kids who are in 1 or 2 grade or in the age group 3-7.Learning addition and subtraction. This BC Study Buddy app is a study tool to help students better understand and review the main concepts explored in Science 10. It is an educational app using playing method.Children can learn about colors while playing color games and also learn foreign languages while drawing pictures since the app has voice support of languages from 18 countries. The Mandie Notices Children’s Book Series is an interactive picture book application series featuring an imaginative, creative, adventurous, and very observant child named Mandie. Touch and Write Storybook- 3 BearsThe familiar saying “Practice makes perfect” is true for many concepts in education, but it is especially true when applied to the process of learning to read. Digital Mysteries by Reflective Thinking is a unique and original fun and educational app designed to get students to work as group and help them understand Boolean logic (KS3 computing curriculum). Digital Mysteries: Bob’s Algorithm is a problem-solving app that is unique in allowing pairs to work together on one iPad with a task mapped to computing curriculum topic ‘Use logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work’. In this fun rescue adventure, love is more than just romance--it challenges your mind and helps you uncover your inner scientist!
Rain Rain Go Away is TAP TAP FUN and an interactive experience designed for AGES: 2 and above.
Token Economy is a very powerful tool in accelerating progress for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and attention deficit disorder as well as typically developing children.
Help your child perform daily routines independently with This for That: Visual Schedules, developed by PixelAtion Labs! The Bita's ABC offers an interactive way to children, in literacy age, to learn by playing. Reading Comprehension Skills - Grades 1st and 2nd With Assessment ---- Non-Fiction Animal Stories. Bruno is a beautiful, playful and exciting book about the little boy, Bruno, his grandpa, the painter - and what we do to make the people we love happy. A cranky old lady suddenly awakens to find a menacing squirrel has fallen down her chimney onto her floor. This unique learning experience is completely engaging and earns a Top Pick from this mom with a son just learning his opposites. The app is designed to supplement the BC curriculum by reviewing and testing the main topics encountered in Chemistry, Ecology, Physics, and Earth Science. I take you through simple to follow steps that will have you and running in almost no time at all.
This cool app gives you tons of fun, odd, weird and awesomely interesting human body facts. Each entertaining and beautifully illustrated storybook will inspire your child to notice, appreciate, discover, and explore this grand and wonderful world we live in!

Young children need to be immersed in the steps involved with learning letters and words over a long period of time. For today we have a Peppy Pals Beach By Peppy Pals AB; A smart and original app that will inspire your kids to express their feelings and empathy! If your son or daughter is fascinated by horses, there is a brand new app that offers fun facts and information about horses and their smaller cousins, ponies. Disocover Lochfoot By William Matthews, a great imaginative tale that takes you to mysterious creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. Users are given illustrated slips of information within the app which they read, organise into groups and lay out across the screen.
Receptive Colours is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other learning difficulties to learn language. It can motivate individuals to change their behav-ior and learn important skills in different settings such as special school, general education classroom, home, work envi-ronment and clinical settings. With Token Store, you can manage a token economy and customize a store of rewards for your child. Visual schedules are great assistive tools for children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities who need help with adaptive and task completion skills. Quickly customize any of the 10 lessons with your child's favorite theme - so you can use sailboats to teach numbers or train signs to teach colors! Play and Learn about each region’s capitals, flags, birds, flowers, population, size, fun facts and more!!!
Its educational games stimulates logical reasoning, coordination and helps the little ones development. Make Max a playful pirate or give Ruby a twirl in her tutu, and spend hours playing in your imagination!
We prepared background pictures, characters, sound effect, sound background, animation which you can just drag and drop, created your own wonderful story and finish in 5 minutes.
Figure out the word from the scrambled letters provided, spell it and collect funny characters (50+). When grandpa lose inspiration and refuses to paint, Bruno travels the town in search of a new colour. Refusing to leave, he innocently entertains himself, ruining Queenie's schedule and making a mess of her house. Thinking Time Pro is an app that teaches skills every child needs in order to become a better thinker. Photoshop is used by graphic designers, fine artists and photographers, each one uses different techniques and different tools. Touch and Write Storybook: The 3 Bears uses characters from the fairy tale to teach basic reading and writing skills to children ages 6-8 in a child friendly way. It is a fun arcade-style iPad math game app for kids 7 to 12 where players solve different math problems while trying to avoid the monsters.
The app covers year 1 and 2 curriculum for your kids to master number sense, counting, addition and subtraction, place value, writing numbers and much more! These slips are all about a man called Bob who creates a simple password generation algorithm for his family to help them create their own unique passwords for each website. This educational app is developed from an evidence-based teaching methodology, ‘Discrete Trial Teaching’, to maximise learning.

Visual schedules break tasks down into simple steps and use visual cues to help the child succeed! Each scene has a main idea that is usually fairly obvious and often it has several sub-themes that you can explore with the child. Then test all the knowledge gained through Canada Quest with fun games - "Fast and Furious", a race against the clock to answer as many questions as possible and the "Treasure Hunt", where you win and collect valuable treasures in the Ark! Visit playful locations and fill them with ladybugs, music, and rocket ships to create the picture perfect scene. Your goal with these word puzzles are to figure out which letter is missing before the timer runs out.
Happi Words is a vocabulary, spelling and association game for 6-9 year-olds that stimulates lateral thinking and sharpens your creative problem solving skills.
The Nose is an enjoyable digital book for the youngest, and a fun way to learn about the senses.
Fun Educational Apps names Thinking Time Pro a Top Pick; it does for the preschool brain what exercise does for the preschool body. However once you have completed this course that can be done in just one weekend you will be on your way to designing just about anything you can think of. Through explaining how his algorithm works, 'Bob' explains what an algorithm is by making basic use of variables and some simple logic.
Annie has lots of friends and you can catch Frisbees, jump over hay stacks, and even race with them. Once enough tokens have been saved, the child may purchase store items of his or her choosing! Every Skill Champ lesson is based on best practice autism strategies and includes a printable curriculum so that your child can practice the skills on AND off the iPad! It also promotes academic risk taking with its built-in multilevel hint system that encourages players to try their own solution before asking for help. Your presenter is warm and friendly and holds a degree in Graphic design so you know that you are in good hands. In addition to rewarding good behavior, Token Store teaches important concepts like earning and saving.
David will take you through the latest techniques quickly and easily with simple to follow videos and easily with simple to follow videos.
With Genius – Movies show how much you know about the films that have amazed, amused or thrilled us the most, from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Pulp Fiction to Madagascar, Moulin Rouge and Notting Hill. It does not matter if you are a beginner or someone who has used photoshop for some time - you used photoshop for some time - you can always learn new tricks and state can always learn new tricks and state of the art techniques.
Actors, directors, awards and curious facts, the magic of cinema and its stars in a quiz with which you will have fun while discovering new things.

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