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The beginning of the month brings the end of a chapter as key planets complete their transit through Virgo, the sign before yours in the zodiac. This is important for you because one of the planets involved is Venus, your ruling planet. There’s a theme of secrecy, unrequited love perhaps, a love affair or someone who’s unavailable.
This situation doesn’t take long to shift or change because Venus enters your sign of Libra on the 8th followed by Mars on the 12th. Venus remains in your sign of Libra throughout the rest of November and this is a stunning planetary transit for you. There’s more to it than that however because Venus represents simple pleasures, nature, nurture, sensuality. When Venus is in your sign you’re more popular so make the most of this and use Venus’ winning ways to attraction attention, get your name known and boost your profile. Your idyll might be a world without conflict, a peaceful environment, but that’s often illusory. The trickiest couple of days are the 21st – 23rd when your ruler Venus clashes with the outer planets Pluto and Uranus. This indicates a clash of personalities, a difference of opinion and you might find yourself caught up in the middle of a disagreement. Money matters are on the up this month as both Mercury, the communication planet, and the Sun move through Scorpio and your personal money sector. There’s a secret quality about money matters this month and you could receive a gift from an unknown source. Work isn’t prominent now and for some of you this is a time when you will feel confused or uncertain about your career path and what you do for a living.
At its best Neptune lends you creativity and imagination but you can end up feeling lost or all at sea. The last week of the month evokes a theme of sacrifice or surrender when you recognise what you can and can’t control in your life.
What other people say can trigger a strong response and you want to make a stand or be true to your principles.
I have been following astrology since 1982 and I can tell that you are absolutely one of the best!
After the events last month, I’ve confirmed that yours is the most accurate monthly forecast!

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As a Libra you're a social butterfly, embracing a variety of personal and group related relationships.
Like a lot of Libras, if you have the habit of concealing or twisting your own real emotions to keep the peace among family and friends, you may find that this results in you having difficulty when it comes to making decisions.
However, consulting your regular horoscope signs and readings report will help you avoid the potential problem of eventually becoming resentful towards people and life. Horoscope signs and readings reports can also help maximize your potential for gaining the admiration of others both for your easy going nature and your strong ability to sooth and bring calmness to those around you.
Libra the 7th sign is represented by the symbolic balancing scales that emphasises balance, fairness and justice.
The natives are renowned team players and are generally quite friendly but also at times very stubborn even to their detriment. They are able to considerably increase their effectiveness both personally and professionally by undertaking to do the astrological monthly tasks and chanting of the special mantras.
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Venus loves being in your sign of Libra because it’s the relating planet and the relating sign hand-in-hand. Venus in your sign offers you stability and security on an emotional level and this is going to be especially lovely after a year that’s included many twists and turns. Venus rules beauty and this is prime time to look after your appearance, buy new clothes, have a haircut or makeover or indulge in beauty treatments. You might find money comes your way from a past connection, the sale of your childhood home, an older family member or a private benefactor. The first two weeks of November are best for making progress financially and the New Moon in Scorpio on the 11th is a powerful date to set your intentions and sow seeds which can grow and flourish. Neptune, the planet of confusion, is currently in Pisces and your work sector and turns direct on the 18th.
Go with the flow as best you can at work and don’t worry if your career is not currently your top priority.
Treat yourself to weekly horoscopes & astrology updates every Sunday ready for your week ahead. They are fair and unbiased in their dealings and thus can be really good mediators and friends.

You may also suffer from a deep seated sense of insecurity and lack of self-confidence, fueling your desire for belonging and approval from others.
The clues and suggestions in such reports can often help you to conquer fears you might have of poor decision making, as well as guide you through the process letting go of your fear of failure and allowing you to have a greater capacity to except life's ups and downs. You'll also discover how to get more out of life rather than being an underachiever, simply by learning how to listen to your instincts and knowing when to apply more effort toward worthwhile endeavors.
They are thus able to increase their good fortune & luck and at the same time decrease their misfortune to a massive extent therewith. It’s up to you what you decide but if this ‘hidden theme’ in your life has been a cause of anxiety or worry, it’s time to move on. Relationships have not been easy so it’s time to re-find your equilibrium and seek out people who make you feel good about yourself. This can be a feisty placing for Mars when it’s in your sign although Mars isn’t strong in Libra.
Pluto and Uranus are in people sectors of your chart; Uranus is in your opposite sign of Aries ruling your 1-to-1’s and Pluto’s in Capricorn and your home and family sector.
It’s not the best few days to meet up with family or the in-laws if you have a difficult history and avoid anyone who’s out to cause trouble.
This evokes a sense of yearning, wanting to do something different, for example, expand your horizons and on some level at least, escape reality. If you’re especially sensitive around other people or what’s happening in the world, keep a protective barrier around yourself. Once Libras make up their mind, they are hardly willing to consider the other side of the situation.You can imagine a type of situation where a Judge has already taken his decision before any argument takes place. You also tend to love beautiful surroundings and getting others do things for you instead of taking care of these tasks yourself. This can also lead to the problem of you losing touch with your sense of self and triggering you to become somewhat of a pushover, wanting to please everyone no matter what the cost to you.
This can cause you to be too dependent of others at times, however, with daily horoscopes signs and readings you can learn how to better manage these sometimes conflicting needs.
What is helpful is that Mars doesn’t make any challenging aspects this month and it’s a relatively peaceful Mars which marches through your sign.

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