When it comes to romance, the 5 Sun Number is the most sensual and passionate of all numbers. Not only that, 5s thrive on them, because they tend to operate best in an environment that is both dynamic and somewhat chaotic.
Successful Sun Number 5s have learned to dedicate their energy without wasting it on short-lived goals. Sun Number 5s don't do well following a carefully planned path and are much better at responding to the moment.
As wild and adventurous as the 5 is in almost all areas of life, it becomes just as serious and committed when the heart is touched.

5s are not good at long-term relationships, but when they are in one, they are loyal and fun.
The 5 is loyal to a fault, and while it is sometimes found on the receiving end of a cheating relationship, it is almost never the cheater.
Their adventurous personality makes them sensual and they appreciate the good things of life. It is, of course, in the nature of the 5 Sun Number to try everything and everyone first, and for that reason, they usually don't become involved in a serious relationship until relatively late in life. A typical 5 is social, enjoys the company of others, and prefers to take a road they have not driven or walked before, even if that means making a bit of detour.

But once the heart, as opposed to certain other body parts, is touched, the 5 no longer plays, but becomes a stable, focused and fully matured partner.

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