Once the CR is passed – probably right at the turn of the month – Congress will focus its attention on the debt ceiling, again, which must be raised by roughly mid-October.  We are likely to have a whole Halloween month full of eerily familiar rhetoric on the across-the-board sequester cuts, the nation’s borrowing limit, the risk and consequences of a government default, and the trade-offs between increased revenues versus cuts to entitlement spending, and whether the ACA should be defunded. The Sarcastic Magic 8-Ball will answer any question you wish to ask, but you should ask it so that it can be answered with a "yes" or "no".

The user should understand that this mystical answering machine is not a "real" Magic 8 ball.
In the case of the Sarcastic Magic 8-Ball "keep out of the hands of young children and gullible adults".

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