Quotes from Rumman Haque: You are the meaning of my life, You are the dream of my thought, You are the lyrics of my feelings, You are the literature of my silence, You are the journey of my emotions, You are the translation of my path, You are the difination of my dignity, You are the every thing for me.
So much is happening within you and around you during this initial adjustment to your loss.
The content of this section is derived from my experiences with people who have suffered recent and traumatic loss.
To think you will one day no longer feel the grip of pain gives you hope, but also fear that without your grief you will loose your connection to your loved one.
When you are 'in shock', you are in a brain state where your brain is taking over your self-care.
When an animal in a herd in suffering in any way, the herd surrounds the animal and does not leave.

Especially if the death of your loved one is traumatic, you may find you need to retell the story over and over. You may trip and scrape yourself, get poked in the eye by branches and lose a shoe in a mud patch. The effect of the support you receive during this time will have staying power to rely upon when the 'herd' naturally disperses. If you are having trouble feeling, or trouble controlling your emotions months from now, you should get counseling. One day, you will find yourself emerging from the woods into a clearing; but there will always be those showers and storms. While you are alternating between protest and facing the fact of death, there is also the solid fact that your loved one will always be with you in some way.

When needed, medication does not interfere with the grieving process, it will help you through it. You may know for certain now what your new relationship is to your loved one in spirit; or you may need time to establish a new relationship.

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