A close friend eventually opens up to you after a new hacksaw finally gets you through that pesky ribcage. Opportunity knocks this afternoon, offering you a tantalizing proposition you simply can’t pass up. The feelings of distance you are experiencing from a loved one will dissipate when a phone call causes them to get up from the table and walk over to the chair you’re sitting in. After months of business as usual, you will finally feel reborn at work when your boss slathers you in baby oil and pushes you through a small plastic tube into the waiting arms of Carol from Accounting.

Your efforts to get people to follow you will finally come to fruition when you successfully start that conga line at the bank. Hindu Mythology says that Moon Sign as per your Birth Chart can Predict more acurately and truely.
Unfortunately, when you let old lady Opportunity in, she turns out to be an undercover police officer and you’re arrested for soliciting. If you want them to finally hear things from your point of view, wiggle out of those restraints and remove that duct tape they’ve put over your mouth.

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