Nadi Astrology is a spiritual tool to unravel the mysteries of past, present and the future.
When a soul incarnates on the earth plane, it has in it the impressions of past deeds, both good and bad that create happiness or pain accordingly. Nadi Astrology was written in ancient Tamil on palm leaves by the ancient seers out of immense compassion for mankind.
Divine secrets of past, present and future of each soul, were etched in these leaves through their yogic mystical powers.
Visit to temple vortices, chanting of mantras and performance of righteous actions as suggested by the reading are a part of remedial actions in nadi astrology.
Based on intuitive spiritual experience, a nadi astrologer is required to possess this faculty to interpret the language of the nadi leaves.
Let the Nadi prescribe how to create a happy, healthy and wealthy life for you and your family. Know about your children with this chapter, their birth chart and birth star and even a few predictions of their future. I heard that astrology of leaf result but i cannot reach to you how can reach to you for astrology.

Imagine that somewhere in India there is a palm leaf with your entire life written on it- past, present and future. When the soul experiences misery, it shows the propensity of bad karmic patterns to be worked out in the current birth. Souls seek the sages through the leaves when laden with troubles due to the effects of previous bad karma.
This deep mystical science was written by the 18 sages for each individual soul with minute details regarding the state of life, both good and bad. Hence it is vital to comprehend the divinity of these leaves and follow their truths to escape pain. When Asha heard Deepak Chopra talk about these Nadi astrology leaves, she was immediately fascinated. First, you need to find a Nadi astrology library where the leaves are collected and organized.
In the 14th century AD, the leaves were translated into the Tamil language by King Sarbhoji of Tanjore. Siddhas say, “Never belittle the nadi reading for it is sacred.”They further instruct him to seek the remedies as atonement of sins from the nadi leaf reading and reveal the divine secret to increase the number of virtuous actions in order to experience great changes in life.

Possessed with thoughts of righteousness, the soul would avoid committing wrong and evil actions in future. The primary Nadi astrology library is in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India (Vaitheeswarankoli near Chidambaram). Each leaf contains the details of a single person's life, and it must be a perfect match for the leaf to be yours.
These details could include: date of birth, mother's name, father's name, number of siblings, and much more. Once your leaf is located, you will receive an astrology reading that can be amazingly accurate and detailed.

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