When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Neurosurgery is a specialty that involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and their supporting and surrounding structures.
I became interested in medicine because I had a brain tumor when I was nine months old, so I was around a lot of doctors. I dislike dealing with insurance companies who either deny payment for legitimate claims or delay payment for legitimate claims.
One insurance company will be 116% of Medicare, another insurance company will be 111% of Medicare, so everything is a multiplier of Medicare. Four years of medical school, a year of internship, and then neurosurgical residency is an additional six years.
I suppose i just think the brain is interesting in itself that why i’d like to become a neurosurgeon. Hi, Im a 3rd year Medical student from South Africa and would like to pursue Neurosurgery after medical school. I love how Mos pointed out the most important thing in succeeding in this field of work and especially life on earth…keeping a great relationship with God. The road to this work is very difficult, but you have to have the aspiration and dedication and determination to strive and keep on striving in order to become a neurosurgeon. I am 35 years old, with a constant nudge of wanting to fulfill my life long dream of doing neurosurgery. I am so glad to see that you have found your vocation and your calling and that you are realizing your dream. Medicine is about dedicating yourself to the lives and health of those around you, to work hard to minimize the pain, suffering and loss of others around you, regardless of their race, creed, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof, language, tradition, sexuality, lifestyle or nationality. Medicine is the one way to serve others irrespective of all of those false barriers and it is a great privilege to be trusted as someone’s physician.
I have worked hard to maintain at least a 3.8 GPA since sixth grade because I knew no matter what I would do in my future I wanted to make a difference. I can relate to several of the factors you are facing at this time in your education, in a round-about way.
As you can see, I’ve crossed many of the bridges you might choose to cross, albeit in a different order! 1) Do you enjoy dealing with people, hearing their problems, and do you usually drop everything to help somebody? 3) Do you have a “type A” personality where you are always doing something, you are competitive and overall somewhat tightly wound? 4) Do you enjoy the challenge of dealing with multiple urgent problems rapidly and often simultaneously or do you prefer to methodically delve into *one* single problem at a time, without a rush and dig deep to find an answer that has evaded others? 5) Do you enjoy working with your hands to build things or do you lean towards more mental puzzles and problems? These are just a few thinking points to get you started on figuring out your *vocation.* You need to start exploring small scale versions or what it might be like to deal with emergencies, have responsibilities, do research, deal with sick people, e tc. I have no intentions whatsoever to follow a career in medicine (I needed this information for my project) but seeing so many people on this site looking forward to something this good just fills me with so much hope for our generation (I’ll be seventeen in November). Every time someone asks me what I want to be and I tell them neurosurgeon, they look at me like I’m delusional. In the United States one would classically finish high school at 17 or 18 years of age, enter college and major (specialize) in pretty much any subject of interest. The system is significantly different in the United Kingdom (and I am less familiar with it). As for post-graduate training, neurosurgery will be very long, very tough, and very time-consuming, no matter where you do it. So Linda, it is perfectly natural for you, at age 14, to want to have fun weekends, to socialize with your friends and to not miss special events and parties. I also watched the Donna Reed Show where Donna Reed’s husband was a pediatrician and I thought he had a nice life.

I know a lot of people who are not smart, who are just hard workers and got through their residency.
Nationally there is a big shortage of neurosurgeons now and there will continue to be a shortage of neurosurgeons for at least the next 20 years. So, it makes you a little uncomfortable that the federal government, which sets Medicare reimbursement rates, really is setting the reimbursement rates for everybody else. Uses of computers for a lot of surgery is standard now, so I think using a computer for brain surgery and using a microscope for brain surgery are the most challenging aspects of the job.
You need about a 3.6 GPA and you need to have reasonably good medical MCATs, Medical College Admission Test scores. So, we have to go to approximately two meetings a year and those are usually in nice places.
I have this class at school called ap capstone its a research and writing class and i did a report on amnesia and found out alot about henry molaison i dunno it was inspiring to read about him.
I was greatly inspired by the Benjamin Carson Story, since the very day I watched Gifted Hands I have wanted to become a neuro. A gentleman at my church keeps letting me know that success means to start something and continue that thing to the finish point.
I also knew that the only way to succeed Is to work hard because success is just not handed to you. I’m really happy to see that people so young want to and can do it, to all those individuals, thank you.
The number of training programs has not increased in the last 15 years and more and more neurosurgeons are retiring earlier because of high medical malpractice costs and because of the stress of the profession.
A lot of people thank me, but when somebody actually sends me a thank you card, I put it up on my wall. And then once you get into medical school, then you can decide on any medical or surgical specialty.
I did laboratory research for a year and a half during my residency and if you’re doing it full-time, you can do it.
I wrote this report when i was having a hard time at school due to stress and reading a bunch of scientific journals made me want to learn more.
Just wanted to get information from you on where you are studying and how you plan to continue in this direction.
I have had a lot of tough and grueling situations growing up, and it is still pretty difficult for me til this day with college especially. With anything you want to succeed at, you need to first start it and then, no matter how many speed bumps (whether big or small) come your way, you need to put all that you have to finish it. No matter what other people say you are the one that makes your own path through life and to your future .
In this earth we,homo sapiance spieces, make it difficult by the way of our life style.WE are extremely dipendent in peoples or things but that is a terreble way of life. The average salaries here are 120,000 euros and from what we know, it’s the same give or take around Europe. I live in Ethiopia and I read a lot about this kinda things and I get inspired more and more. God bless you in your lives and careers, you won’t regret it once you begin receiving the thank you notes and cards. I skipped kindergarten and went to first grade because i could count to 100 and say my abc’s forwards and backwards haha.
One of my partners is much younger and has four younger kids, and he’s able to work less. So, the number of neurosurgeons now, in the year 2007, is the same as the number of neurosurgeons in 1991, yet the population of the United States has obviously grown by a third since 1991. And you rotate through the different specialties and you see what you like or which professor inspires you.
I think it’s something that takes a lot of years to learn and it takes a lot of studying, and you have to keep up with your field, you know, read two or three journals a month, take your courses, go to the meetings go to continuing medical education things.

But to do research in a laboratory when you’re actually practicing neurosurgery is essentially impossible. I guess what i’d like to know is that how can i become a neurosurgeon should i try for a combined medical program with a bachelors degree or study aboard and go straight to medical school. I believe that the best way to succeed in this life is to acquire the help from the Most Knowledgeable of this world…and that, to me, is the one and only God! I am seventeen years old currently and know I want to be surgeon; specifically a neurosurgeon.
I like both of them but sometimes my interest builds up more in dentistry and sometimes more in medicine. But you have to want to work hard because residency is hard, but even when you go into practice, a normal work day is 10 to 12 hours a day, and there’s always some night and weekend call. So, you have 98 residency programs graduating 136 residents a year and there are about 150 neurosurgeons leaving practice each year because of health or retirement or what-have-you. 40:00 minutes long) things like Subdural Hematoma hemorrhage, tumor removals, awake surgeries, etc. My biggest worry or concern rather, I would really love to have a family of my own… Is it that impossible to spend time with your loved ones? I saw some posts where there are 15, 16, even 35 year old people who are aspiring to becoming a neurosurgeon. I currently work in a great field of helping others, but this is not my ultimate goal, career wise. I have volunteered at hospitals over the summer and talked with other successful neurosurgeons in my area.
I mean, I know a lot really smart neurosurgeons but I also know a lot of neurosurgeons who are not real smart.
Anyway if anyone bother to read this comment thank you very much i really want to try becoming a neurosurgeon and plan on taking AP chem and Bio next year at my school to see if medicine would be a good fit.
I volunteer at Deaconess Hospital every week on the neuro floor (shoutout to 9 tower) and it’s really been helping me get the exposure I need.
I believe through God’s help, my dedication and will I can help a whole lot more on this earth by becoming a neurosurgeon. I know that I’ll have to study all the subjects before specialization and may be I manage to do it but I still cannot decide between medicine an dentistry.
And then usually the amount of time you take off, other than the meetings, is about four weeks a year. So, neurosurgeons are busier than ever because the population is growing and the number of neurosurgeons has remained just about the same as it was almost 15 years ago. I aspire to attend the University of Washington and also their medical school, applying for the HPSP scholarship, where I will serve in the military as a doctor (for tuition reimbursement and malpractice insurance coverage) I’m a big planner, I like to figure things out ahead of time, but am also good thinking on my feet, in the moment.
I am very optmistic on the cure for brain tumors and I want to see those patients who have lost hope to smile, it always make me cry of those patients to die from canser. Also, I’ll be 18 when I graduate high school so how many years would it take until I actually become a surgeon? I know that one day all the hard work will pay off, there really is no better job in the world, than saving a life, giving someone that much deserved time. That something as measly as my hands and my knowledge can change someone for the better is just an amazing thing.
And that’s 30-45 years until retirement, so it is a nice job if you think about the time. And last I truly admire and love all the people around the world who give thier lives to help other, and the true doctors are the main one.
Please don’t inform those young bloods that medicine is difficult rather you should tell them that medicine is the most intererting field that can make an individual a humble person and only asks reading about a human bieng and willing to help others.

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