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Aries is a sign of new beginnings, and as an Arian you tend to be a quick thinker and doer, but you are apt to lack patience with those who aren't. On the upside, you are willing to make sacrifices, sometimes major ones, in order to help yourself or others.
You are usually decisive and competitive at work, but you lack motivation in domestic activities. Every now and again you feel the need to prove yourself, and this can lead you to be a bit impulsive or maybe even forceful in trying to make your point. People who are born under the sign of Taurus are usually practical and persistent, solid and reliable, but sometimes a bit stubborn. Sometimes you can be a bit arrogant about your work, and you like to work at your own pace. You are very serious and loyal once in a relationship, and you tend to be very sensual and patient, which generally makes for great lovers. For some reason, you like not only to become involved with, but also overburdened by, others' problems. You are usually successful at any venture which you put effort into, whether it be personal or professional.
Like the crab that represents them, people who are born under the sign of Cancer can be curious and complex creatures. People might find you extremely difficult to get to know as you can be shy and evasive in public, but you are open, loyal and protective to those close friends and family whom you trust. A trait which others might find annoying about you is that you are most likely passive-aggressive. The lion symbolizes Leo, and people born under this sign are often as proud as the king of the jungle himself.
If you are a Leo, you are most likely generous and willing to give of your time and money, especially if it makes you look good in the eyes of others.
Virgos are perfectionists and work hard in any area of life to achieve things that they can feel proud of. As a Virgo, you are most likely bright, intelligent and pick up on everything going on around you.
Librans have a powerful sense of fair play and justice, and are always keen to cooperate with others on an equal basis. Life is a continual balancing act for Librans, and you may find yourself bouncing back and forth between flirtatiousness and shyness, desiring relationships yet demanding space, and always wanting to initiate activities but never bothering to finish them without a good hard push from someone else.
Librans are desperate for the approval of others, and you may find yourself constantly trying to please friends and colleagues. You crave new knowledge, and have a particular interest in matters concerning other people and society as a whole.
Scorpio is the sign of powerful emotional desire, and Scorpios are generally strong and willful. Chances are, you are a defender of just causes, and so you would probably be happiest in a job that allowed you to improve the status quo in some way. A need for personal freedom and a desire to be a leader also stem from your determined personality. Although you're not quite sure of relationships, when you do find a partner, he or she will most likely be intelligent, undemanding, warm, and funny with a life of his or her own. At work, you never brush aside your responsibilities, but you must have a goal to satisfy in order to keep your mind on your work. Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and freedom, and honesty and sincerity are important to those born under it.
In relationships you might just attach yourself to your first love, and have problems letting go should the relationship turn sour.
Even though you love natural beauties, you can crave material belongings, though you are by no means greedy. Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the Zodiac, with those born under the sign of the fishes being very susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. If you are a Pisces, your peers are likely to see you as shy, idealistic, dreamy and kind, but at the same time impractical, irresponsible and sometimes self-destructive. You are very imaginative, but your imagination tends to run wild sometimes, giving you great ideas but leaving you, stubborn and indecisive as you are, stuck with decisions that can't be made or in a position that isn't quite right. 12 native american astrological signs meanings, 12 native american astrological signs and their meanings. Birth chart interpretations -planets signs houses, Birth chart interpretations of each planet and ascendant in all zodiac signs and houses.. 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings compatibility, Learn 12 zodiac signs means affects life.
12 horoscope zodiac signs dates, compatibility & meanings, Get easy reference secrets 12 zodiac signs. For example, you wouldn't mind if members of the family had to shack up with you for a while so long as they didn't infringe too much on your life and private time.
This sometimes leads to the sacrifice of a relationship so that you might further your career.
These traits sometimeslead you to be aggressive and direct, a bit more so than many people can take.
For some reason, you can't quite accept criticism, even if it is constructive; but when you feel you've failed at something it doesn't set you back. As a Taurean, you are very sensible when it comes to your job and money, but your overriding motivation in all things is a need for security. However, after the novelty of a new love wears off, there's a danger of becoming a couch potato.
Because of this involvement, you sometimes feel that a friendship is a property, and you often get very possessive and jealous. You strive for spirituality through practical works, and sometimes this shows through your materialism.

Chatty and sociable, sometimes with a tendency to gossip, you are likely to be highly imaginative with a mind that is constantly seeking new information and craving new experiences.
You can be witty, sociable and courteous, and enjoy being well known and liked, but you're not willing to change yourself in order to have this satisfaction.
Emotional security and tranquility are your overriding concerns, and you tend to feel things deeply. If you have a problem, such as worries about your family or money, you are more likely to brood over it than to seek solace or solutions.
Leo is a very ambitious and strong-willed sign, and Leos like nothing better than being the center of attention.
However, as selfless as you can be at your best, you also tend to feel that you must have the spotlight. With this in mind, you will do almost anything to get what you want, and you are more interested in the big picture than the niggling details in any situation. Both sexes can be practical, philosophical, and spiritual, which helps them to get their way of thinking across.
Cautious, self-reliant and discriminating, Virgos find it difficult to seek help from others, as few match up to their standards of perfection. You like to have something to do to occupy your time rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs, but you don't like to take on too much at once, either. You like things done your own way, and you can be nit-picky about even the smallest aspects of a given situation. Having said this, in group endeavors they usually find a way to work in some form of self-expression that marks the job as 'their work', much as a dog marks 'his tree'. When working with others, you demand that they put in as much effort as you do, and if they don't, you slack off too. Relationships are very important to you, but you may find yourself looking for new experiences here, too. When people see you, they see someone very strong and confident, though some Scorpios tend to bury their insecurities rather than confront them, and become introverted as a result. In relationships, you like your new partners to think of you as sexy and having a high sex drive, though you tend not to be very amorous. As a Sagittarius, you are spontaneous, outgoing, adventurous, and adaptable to any circumstance.
Knowing this, your job is something that you must enjoy and have a bit of leverage with or else you won't do it. You may tend to be a serious thinker, but you are prone to jumping to conclusions, and the Sagittarian can end up rather narrow-minded if his or her social thinking is not fully developed. Overall, the Sagittarian is a person with high standards who is pleasant, friendly, enthusiastic, and easy to get to know.
As a Capricorn, people see you as patient, realistic and responsible, but they worry that you take life far too seriously sometimes. And if you feel that you are not getting back from your job what you are putting into it, you will most likely move on; a lack of challenge is what bores you most.
If neither is found or offered you will likely move on to someone or something that realizes what a gem of a find you are. In order for a relationship to become sexual, you must be exceedingly comfortable with your partner and have complete trust in them. As an Aquarian, unjustified conventions do not impress you, and you sometimes make a point of being different, most likely in subtle ways.
While you are involved with a partner, you are constant and faithful, but don't let this steadiness fool you: you are highly sexed and like an active sex life.
As a friend, few can boast to be as loyal and sympathetic as you are, but you can be blind to your own needs sometimes. You take work very seriously since it is you source of income for these goodies and, because of your enjoyment of people, you work best as part of a group. A lack of willpower and an inability to make up their minds means that Pisceans will often suffer an unjust situation rather than stand up for themselves.
With these combinations, you are creative and resourceful in all you want to do, but you usually lack the ambition to actually get up and do any of it. These problems are often compounded when the thoughts of others stimulate your active mind.
You like to pick subjects which are "yours" and put your head to work on them down to the tiniest details, but then ignore the finer points of other matters which might be just as important but are not quite your "thing". To give you a bit of credit, though, you are very faithful once you do fall in love, but before that, your lovers had better watch out - Arians often have a high sex drive that leads them in experimental directions. When you are in a good mood, though, you are one of the more cheerful, spontaneous, and generous people in your circle of friends. Your strong desire for emotional and material security leads you to work hard to get what you need. With anything you do, you are very responsible, but most importantly, you are smarter than people think. Everything has a place in your world, and if anything is misplaced, everyone around you suffers.
You dislike being tied down in any way, be it in a friendship or a relationship, and sometimes seek out changes if you start to feel trapped. If you are a Cancer, you are most likely doggedly determined when it comes to getting what you want if it will promote your sense of safety. At times you will seem to have the greatest love for life, yet at others you can be nothing but a self-pitying mess. When such times arise, you are overconfident, frank and outspoken, which can become a bit wearing on your friends. The projects you do invest time in, however, are always done well because you are exceedingly organized and love to get everything just right. Your friends, though they find you to be a loyal and trustworthy person, find this habit incredibly annoying. However, the biggest downfall that you might have as a Virgo is your inability to save money - you may need to work hard to curb your expenditure.

This could lead to a bit of sexual experimentation on your part, which in turn might lead to unfaithfulness. Whatever you involve yourself in tends to be of serious consequence: you rarely take matters lightly.
In order to right this in your mind, you fight desperately to strengthen a situation rather than leaving it to others for a solution to be found.
Many Scorpios have penetrating eyes, and although people may want to dislike you, your personality is such that it draws people in whether they want to be or not. However, when sex does enter the picture, your emotions can get a bit out of control, and your desire can cause you to become possessive, jealous, and sometimes violent.
You have a tendency to create excitement wherever you go, and enjoy exploring new ideas, cultures and beliefs, and meeting new people in your excursions to new places.
At work, you like to be given responsibility, and when you're working hard at a project you enjoy your job. Your friends think of you as kind and very peaceable, ambitious and hard working, and know that you can be easily embarrassed, so they try not to tease you too much.
Your coworkers and friends alike might turn to you with their problems, both personal and professional, because you seem to be a good problem solver and have excellent intuition.
Although you enjoy relationships and tend to prosper in them, you fear becoming too dependent upon your mate: you must have some time to yourself now and again because you are apt to be a rather independent person. Though you present a calm exterior to the world, this is often deceptive, as you are often anxious and apprehensive because of the seriousness with which you view your relationships with others. However, warn your mate in advance that if you break the tryst off, you might be stubborn, awkward, selfish, or even nasty about the entire ordeal. Because of this you begin many projects and do them well until you lose interest in them; then you just quit. Because of this intense love of knowledge, if you are undereducated, or badly so, you might feel miserable and make those around you feel the same. As a Gemini, you are likely to find that when an emergency arises, you are cool and calm, unlike those who will panic around you. Work is important to you in that it helps provide this security and gives you something to do.
You are very conscience-ridden, which explains your strong sense of responsibility towards not only yourself but others.
But let others beware: only you can talk yourself into something, and no-one can make you do anything that you don't want to do.
Because of this tendency, you like to be placed in positions of authority that have a lot of delegation power and leadership duties; this helps you to inspire people with your causes. You pay intense attention to details, and because of your perfectionism you appreciate the hard work of others, especially when it is of high quality. As a classic example of a perfectionist, you stick with a situation not only until it is done but also until it is done just right.
You posses a very strong will and usually do whatever you want, even if it means being a bit nasty or undiplomatic at times. Your friends find you a bit secretive and shocking sometimes, and you like them to think that you are a dangerous person who is willing to take risks, but you're most likely not.
You can take the occasional joke, but people might find it difficult sometimes to understand your dry sense of humor. Despite this, you love meeting new people and making new friends, and as a result, you are rarely lonely. Most of us are familiar with tropical zodiac (Western), based on the seasons, which has not changed, though sidereal zodiac (Eastern), based on constellations, has different signs including a 13th. In these types of situations, you are able not only to develop solutions or plans of action, but good ones at that. Overall, this is a most agreeable sign to be born under because of the generous basis that it lends to you. When you're not working, you like to go out in search of new things to explore and learn about.
Although you're a good friend who will help others until your back breaks, you often neglect you own needs. With this in mind, you can be manipulative, but instead of taking the heat for whatever you do that goes sour, you run and make others suffer for you. You have a well-developed intuition that leads you to be rightfully suspicious some of the time.
You are likely to live in, or end up living in, a spacious, well-decorate home that contains all of your acquisitions.
With strangers you can be a little wary, and so come across as aloof and difficult to get to know. You do well in relationships because you are a good diplomat whenever problems arise, and you never forget a single moment of anything that ever happens. As close as you are to some of your friends, you aren't very "huggy" and don't like a whole lot of personal contact.
The size of their living quarters is in direct relation to the fact that in order for Sagittarians to be happy, they must have their own, personal space. You are far more intellectual than physical, and you tend to relate to people on a mental level. You only complete a task if you're truly interested, otherwise you tend to go in search of more fulfilling projects. You may search for a long time to find a partner of whom you can approve, and quite a number of Virgos never find anyone who meets their exacting standards. If you can control the mood swings and tendency to retreat into your shell at the merest hint of trouble, you can do very well.

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