Published by Assouline, a leading luxury global publisher, to celebrate 40 years of disrupting the status quo, OAKLEY captures the brand's "innovation wrapped in art" mantra.
If you're shopping for a new ride or want to refresh your bike with some new parts, the new issue of Freedom BMX is what you need.
Starting from tomorrow the new issue of Freedom BMX magazine can be bought for € 3,60 in the better book stores in Germany. From early designs and advertising to never-before-seen product sketches, this 220-page premium coffee table book follows the brand journey from mad scientist Jim Jannard's garage to the leading sports performance brand in the world.
Number 194 has hit the shops and number 200 will be out some time next year assuming they'll publish a mag once every two months.

They've listed 100 of the best 2015 products in this special product issue so instead of searching the net, you can flip the pages and find the best products by category.
That includes the airports and train stations to if you make a stop there, go check for the new issue.
So instead of shopping for boardshorts and tank tops, it's now time to search for some cool sweaters, hoodies and long sleeves. It's perfect for Oakley enthusiasts and those who share our passion for design, technology and performance. Of course it does not come with a freecoaster and full cromo tubes and parts but the price is right for this machine.

Frames, bars, brakes, pedals, tires, chains, grips, stems, forks, new handlebars, whatever you are looking for. Available in three colours so most likely it is available in a colour that you like.Enjoy the pics and the parts list and then head to your HARO dealer with that well earned $350,= USD in your pocket.
Freedom BMX magazine is based in Germany and you'll find this issue at the better BMX shops over there.

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