It seems like the entire world is so not looking at the complexities of finding a word for this decade. In order to make a uniform, you must add numbers to a piece of clothing to identify a player from another player. Seriously, two-thousands, aughts, naughts, ohs and zeros is that the best we have?All right, enough of the useless speculation of what we should call the decade, the years between 2000 and 2009. As an avid coffee drinker, my girlfriend Cathy ordered a special mug with the "I Love the 00s" logo on the front. On September 18, 1998, I walked around the University of South Carolina campus asking students, "What does Y2K mean?
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It seems every article or web page I find on this topic has one thing in common, they all just present a bunch of ridiculous suggestions. However, as a forward thinker, I wanted to present an idea that has existed inside of me for a long period of time. We get many different answers to the question and each answer illustrates that people just didn't know.So here we are in 2009 and we just don't know what to call this decade, 00s.

These fools are looking into one factor about this decade, the zeros that are in the abbreviated decade version of 00s.
Not one of these articles and web pages present the best idea or the most supported term.Ten yeara€™s, Ia€™ve been researching this topic and there is not one media outlet that really has jumped on board to resolve this question and capture the hearts and minds of America and the world together.
The idea is about how the Evolution of Man, where by men evolved from Apes will eventually lead men to evolve into aliens.
The periodic table videos – university nottingham, Short videos about every element on the periodic table, plus other cool experiments and chemistry stuff.
They are attempting to create a word from Old English to create a word that represents zeros.A Aught means zero or nothing! I have never read an article or story about this concept, so I want to present my small vision on this intriguing idea.
With all the grounding breaking social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, you would think one individual or small task force could push their term to the mainstream. However, you may use any of the words that means zeros like nil, nada, aught, nuaght, ought, zilch, nothings and ect.
Unfortunately, media has not jumped on board and the social media sites have not helped further a grass roots campaign.
Fill in the blank and you get the same purpose for the name.This is not a correct way to create theA pronunciationA for 00s. It goes beyond the simple zeros in the abbreviation of 00s.A This need for a word is all about finding a term that means the counting numbers between 0 and 9 only.
Currently, there is a missing word for the numbers between 0 and 9.A Through my recent studies we don't have a word that represents the 10 (originally nine) different glyphs in the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in a form similar to twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties. The Hindu-Arabic numeral system is a positional decimal numeral system developed by the 9th century (the earliest known description is Al-Khwarizmi's, dating to ca.
For this they usually use a€?single digits.a€? So we would have to find a word which would replace single digits.
825) and spread to the western world through Arabic mathematicians by the High Middle Ages. I will explain why each term doesna€™t fit the weather formula except the Unies.Two-thousands a€“ The term two-thousands works for the decade now but doesna€™t work for weather. Face transplants, flight, teleportation, space travel and laser beams are only a few distinct examples of what man has only once thought about but overtime has scientifically worked to achieve these vast imaginations.

So the rest of the world refers to these numbers as the single digits.Double digit numbers 10 through 99 uses a combination of these glyphs.
We can go on and on but the point we are making is that the numbers between 0 and 9 have no word that means the complete set of this numbers.
So the focus on this word is completely incorrect.A Aughts, Naughts, Ohs, Zeros - The term aughts, naughts, and ohs all are synonyms of zero. But how would this look be replicated or encouraged mankind to recreate and tamper with them.
So making the numbers between 0 and 9 the aughts, naughts, ohs and zeros doesna€™t make sense.
Well it is a known fact that a bee's eyes see a different part of the light spectrum mostly ultraviolet light. Zero and Zeros has both add up to Zero.A Unies a€“ The term unies or uni- is a Latin word that means one. It is also a prefix to mean come together to make one, a university is a bunch of colleges. There is a value to uni- unlike zeros, ohs, naughts, and aughts.AgesAll my life I have experience in thinking about my own age. Currently, Ia€™m in my thirties and I remember in my twenties when I began this journey to name the decade.
Nobody really remembers this age nor do they speculate on the coming years or groups of years like we do when we are older, say your sixties and seventies. I will explain why each term doesna€™t fit the age formula except the Unies.Two-thousands a€“ The term two-thousands works for the decade now but doesna€™t work for ages because it is too big of a number.
A person will never live to be 2,000 years old.Aughts, Naughts, Ohs, Zeros - The term aughts, naughts, and ohs all are synonyms of zero and a person cannot be zero years old.
Again, these terms have no value, they are an empty set.A Unies a€“ The term unies or uni- is a Latin word that means one.

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