We have an arm of the business which is totally dedicated to the manufacture of number plates. So, if you happen to be in the market for a nice new set of number plates for your pride and joy then you need look no further.
Our plates have exceptional build very good quality, they are water and scratch resistant, and do not fade over time.
If you place an order before 2:30pm Mon- Friday, we guarantee to dispatch your order the very same day. You need to provide your documents to make your number plate, upload your DVLA registration document and copy of your Driving license or passport and place your order.

We are currently working on our 'Registration Show Plates' app, in the meantime, please email us your requirements. So with twelve years behind us at the last count, we think we can safely say that we know what we're doing. This side of the business goes by the name of Demon Plates and we have a fantastic 'state of the art' online number plate builder for both car and bike number plates.
We are not the cheapest and we don't try and coax people to us with promises of free this and free that. All items are manufactured to the highest quality, offered at unbeatable price and, of course, completely customisable by YOU!

When at our plate builder, you have the ability to design and fully preview your plates prior to placing the order. When you're dealing with Demon Plates, you're dealing with one of the longest established web traders of this product.
We have thousands and thousands of happy customers and the products we supply are of top class quality in design and build.

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