Spiritual Quotes“Occult knowledge without spiritual discipline is a dangerous instrument if it falls into impure hands.
If you’re seeking an innovative, objective, unbiased, and successful approach to self-tarot reading, whether you are a novice or a professional, this guide is for you. This guide is for you if you don’t have the time or desire to spend hours, days, and months learning how to read tarot for yourself.
This self tarot card reading system was created by a certified professional tarot reader and tarot teacher. In my practice and on a regular basis I’m exposed to lovers remorse, lovers shunned, and just plain unhappy lovers. It’s my focus and joy to help clients see what happened, what is happening, and what will happen based on the current situation. While this article is focused on limerant behaviour, the major cause for it and most importantly how to get over a fixation or misplaced love for another person, it may also be useful for anyone trying to get over someone.
Cut-off all ties or at the very least diminish involvement or exposure to your LO, as difficult as that is. If there’s anything that connects you to your love interest that you can not stop doing or having, change the connection or association.
I have asked this question to limerent people and I always get quite a lame response: What do you love about your LO?

Read stories about other limerants, those who have broken up, breaking up, get community help and be involved in helping other people deal with their broken hearts and minds.
Continue to improve yourself (a side benefit of limerance) but also begin accomplishing some of your other dreams and desires that may have been dependent upon your LO reciprocating your love. What was missing in your life before your love interest entered and more importantly how can you get that back from something else, someone else and in a constructive way.
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Spiritual knowledge without occult science lacks precision and certainty in its objective results; it is all-powerful only in the objective world.
However this guide is NOT a long-winded book about what the cards mean, layouts, history, mythos, or the magic of tarot. It helps to know you are not alone, not crazy, and it may give more clues to what happened, what is happening, and what will happen when all is said and done.

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It also helps to keep reading other people’s stories especially when you are cycling back into a fantasy or hope for the relationship to be more than what it is which is, to be blunt, nothing. The things must be warned not to others paint or insist for everyone to do is reactive and in specific numerology only approximately every 11 years so we have the problem with combination of the planets in their vibe the left side) was then the relevance of the song “A time to be honest when you sleep.

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