Chinese Horoscope Fortune is related to the movement of heavenly bodies across the Chinese constellations in the sky and individual Ba Zi(the birth date and time). Horoscope Compatibility(Chinese Horoscope Compatibility):About Chinese Horoscope CompatibilityHave you ever wondered why you seem to get along effortlessly with some people, and you simply struggle to achieve a meeting of the minds with others? A lot goes into being the perfect lover and making your relationship with your partner special and exciting. These interactions with each other will affect the whole world as well as individual destiny from time to time.
The answers lie within your zodiac sign.According to the year of our birth, each of us is affiliated with a particular Chinese zodiac sign represented by one of twelve animals.
Chinese believe the horoscope can reveal or anticipate the vital effect of the nature that can affect both destiny of the world and per person. Each sign has an inherent combination of characteristics that influence our personality traits, although we still remain individuals and are further shaped by our personal experiences. If you have high horoscope compatibility with the environment, you can be synergized by the outer forces and can have better luck and achievement.

The Chinese fortune teller or Feng Shui master can provide horoscope readings with prediction and analysis of once destiny or fortune in past and in future. Sometimes, such Chinese fortune telling is refer to numerology since such fortune readings are made by complicated calculations based on one' birth date and time, the predication period and he fortune telling making time. While opposites certainly do attract each other, relationships between these signs can be quite explosive and are difficult to maintain in the long run. The Chinese Horoscope is also referred to Chinese Astrology which is based on the constellation in different time and seasons. Some fortune tellers they can provide love compatibility, love test and horoscope match fortune as well as Feng Shui telling readings. Signs that occur in even years are naturally Yang, while signs that fall in odd years are naturally Yang. Sometimes, these Chinese horoscope fortune telling can be considered as psychic readings since some people will think they can help the person to know more about themselves. Together, Yin and Yang bring balance and harmony to the universe.ElementsChinese tradition also holds that there are five natural elements that also bring a certain influence to the characteristics of each zodiac sign.

Also, based on the birth year, twelve years as a cycle, an animal will be as assigned to everyone as their Chinless Zodiac. So as the year of your birth determines your zodiac sign and Yin or Yang nature, groups of signs also are divided by the elements they are associated with. The twelve zodiac animal signs are, in order, the mouse, ox (buffalo), tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep (or goat), monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The interplay of elements can create even greater harmony in a relation or add a bit of spice to the pairing.
In some instances, the affect of one element upon another threatens to tear a relationship apart.

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