If at all there is a number which is worth mentioning a million times, then it is number 3.
Jupiter is always denoted for its expansion of good, it expands everything that is benevolent, like longevity, wealth, children, happiness , fame, beauty etc.
The nature of number 3 can be compared to that of life of Karna, Karna –  The Great Warrior in Mahabharata must have been a 3 born. I found my numbers to be a 3 and a 4 based on the things and philosophy I value and love the most in my existence. Finding my own purpose is usually easy for me and I am still developing in soul, in spirit, in mind, and in emotion.
Despite I know who I am, what I am, the continuous path for soul searching, and the unique purpose of my birth, I still have not been able to go or fly home and being authentically free, whole, and content–meaning being in places where I am suppose and designed to be and doing things I was asked to do by my creator, nature, and my own soul. I do have many many experiences in life, but most of them contradicted to the essence of my true purpose and true desires and intent for myself, my fellow human beings, and for humanity as a whole. In today’s post we are going to see about the meaning of number 31 when used as name, and not as birth date. Person who have name number as 31 does not care about pursuit of material possessions or gains, monetary losses or gains are not there in their minds, its the freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to do things at will is their main quest. They are the people who act according to their heart,  they will not get into any sort of thing against their mental happiness even if the thing is a lucrative offer.

Their whole life will be of a goalless wanderlust, a vagabond who does not care about any pursuits, and lives his life as it comes. Most of the time, they may renounce their worldly life at the age of 31 and start leading a ascetic or hippie sort of life, only if the date of birth is 1,10,19 or 28 there will be some attachment to worldly life and they will enjoy some fruits in their monetary aspect of life. Hi Sir, missed on these couples new born baby, his name is GOKULESH birth num is 7 life path is 2.Advice on the best number suits for him.
I wish to discover my chaldean number name to study a best way to connect me  to the material world, cause i’m always melancholy with the external pression, of family members including. Like Jupiter, the nature of number 3 is ever expanding, they possess a heart as vast as that of a ocean. I was in a real dilemma on which number to explain in my post, and usually i pick the numbers which are to be avoided than numbers which are to be embraced. They enjoy deep research and studies of human psychology, Astrology, religious scriptures and occult sciences. In this way, they are the real rebels in the society who defy the traditions and social practices. Jupiter is responsible for Marriage,Child birth, Career, Spiritual Path, Finance, Liberation, etc… All great qualities are attributed to Jupiter.
They are extremely charitable people, who always live for the prime goal of helping and serving humanity.

He would never say no to any one who come to him.  Every man aspires to be Karna in their life, Karna was an example for the zenith of goodness. Even if success comes on their way, they don’t cherish it or embrace it with passion but to the contrary, they will non attached and uninterested.
Since I got married, I have not been able to make any money, or even have a consistent job. If it were 3 born with lifepath 3, then that person is a gem who will live his life for the welfare of the humanity.
It was said that at the end of the war when karna was killed and lying down on the battlefield, There was a woman who was crying carrying the body of karna on her lap.
There are names in numerology which can make a pauper to become millionaire, extreme fame, but that does not guarantee a peaceful life. In chaldean numerology i never foud my real number, cause have found many boards variabble with the value of the letters. This is the number which is the most significant of all, without the quality of number 3, the world would have ceased long back, As it is the quality of love which holds our earth firmly in this very moment.

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