The numerology numbers that your name reduces down to is represented by the characteristics below.
This number symbolizes mystery with knowledge and study as its way of explaining the unknown and the unseen. The vibratory number can be obtained by assigning the correct number to each letter and then adding the totals together and reducing them down to their primary number. It stands for balance as well as contrast while maintaining balance through positive and negative qualities. Its solidarity is represented by the square, the points of the compass, the seasons of the year, and the ancient elements of fire, water, air and earth.

It represents the seven governing planets, the seven days of the week and the seven notes of the scale. This name number as an expression of the person's developed personality will represent the key to their ambition or achievement and should either blend with the birth number or be geared to it.
The lack of stability may produce uncertainty but this number is the keystone of the group so it is the luckiest and most unpredictable of all the numbers. This number is considered to be the perfect number since it is divisible both by 2, an even number, and 3, an odd number so the attributes of both apply. The unity of one and the perfection of six combine to form symmetry of its own, making it a truly psychic number.

Once you learn How To Calculate Numerology you will find your primary number and how this number shapes your life.

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