The emphasis for Leo during 2014 is on the educating, horizon broadening and inner-work areas of your horoscope. These transits could enable you to make big changes in your life’s calling or career since the April 29 Solar eclipse falls in your 10th house.
By the time of the Grand Fire Trine on October 6 however, Jupiter will have moved into your vibrant 1st house, which is where we all like benefic and jovial Jupiter to be.
Jupiter: is important to you this year since it will complete a full cycle around your horoscope in terms of the houses as it comes back to your solar first house or Ascendant if you are Leo rising. Uranus trine your decan all year and Saturn square your decan until September. You are lucky that while you have the toughing-up and reality-check Saturn transit going on you also have Uranus showing you exciting new possibilities at the end of the rainbow. Mars square your decan Aug 12 – Aug 30 While you are taking this unusual but paradigm-shifting stance, you may make enemies from the traditionalists. You start the year quite easily with positive aspects from Mars seeing you through some of the general forecast’s bumps and grinds. Just would like to say that it is late June and everything you wrote so far has been right on track.
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You start the year with Venus retrograde through your 6th house, which means you will have to evaluate your relationships with your co-workers and those you are in service to.
But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page. You have been enjoying the excitement this transits for some time, which has also served to buffer you from the harsher effects of Uranus square Pluto.
Another period where you could clash with superiors and partners, but at least Lilith is not aggravating things further. Uranus does a great job of giving you permission to “let go and let god” as the saying goes. On the other hand you are slowly making an impression on the cutting-edge people that you really want to impress. Try and get as much difficult stuff done before Saturn squares your decan later in the year.
Local support groups are important to you at this time, whether they are alcoholics Anonymous or the Spin and Abs class at the gym. The sextile’s “promises” from your new connections and the local community seem supportive.
This has probably been extremely liberating for you and brought opportunities from far and wide.
He also strikes his lightening bolts at some of the things that aren’t working in your life. It just may take more time getting there because you have to break off old connections and make new ones. You will get a reality check from him too, so make sure any projects you start early this year have the gumption to stick around when Saturn starts poking and prodding at them.
But they will be called upon to deliver more than just bright ideas and dreams with Mars square your decan Aug 29 – Sep 15. Jupiter will urge you to question what best serves your soul, and you may be questioning your spiritual beliefs too.
The second half of the year looks particularly good for you lions since the October 8 Lunar eclipse falls in your expansive 9th house. The small plans you make in the 3rd house expand to become large dreams in the second half of the year. Your natural regalness gets a right royal status boost for the rest of the year, when you can assert your authority with ease. Any floundering relationships should’ve got a reviving boost of life from this electric awakener, if not then you may have felt the need to break free of them once and for all.
So you start this time squabbling with siblings or neighbors, and end it with kitchen sink dramas in your own home.
You have these twin influences shaping you in very different ways, but in the end you will get the best of both worlds.

The sextile is a flowering aspect, sometimes it effects are quite subtle because it is not showing the fruit of your effort just yet. This may be a tough time where you need to ask for some solid investment and hands-on help for your projects. Foreign cultures appeal to you and this may be the point where you decide to take a higher education course or re train for a brand new career.
The best time for Leos to shine will be from 1 – 14 October while this magical Grand trine is in orb.
The North Node square your decan Jan 1- Mar 24 could mean that your recent shocking and rebellious Uranian behavior has un-nerved some of your closest friends. While some aspects of your life are breaking down because they cannot support you, Uranus won’t let you dwell on the losses for too long. Jupiter conjunct your decan Aug 30 – Nov 5 takes over and the defiance and daring you showed in your Lilith phase should have paid off. You really want to broaden your horizons, so you might book or depart for long haul holiday this year.
At this time you might make some temporary associations that are unpopular with your regular crowd, but this is just a phase you need to go through. Mars trine your decan Sep 13 – Sep 29 allows toy to bounce back as it gives you energy, renewed courage and ambition to forge ahead.
The troublesome people of a months ago seem less difficult now, as you have renewed self confidence and a much more positive attitude generally. All things being well, your efforts this year may actually bear fruit with Saturn’s influence after October, just because is forcing you to put your money where your mouth is. Black Moon Lilith conjunct your decan Aug 29 – Dec 6 overlaps the pervious transit and you could rock boats when you actually start pressuring people to “show you the money.” Showing others how lame they are doesn’t tend to make one popular!
You may feel like escaping altogether, which could effect established relationships who may see you as dropping out. Maybe by now you are starting to feel a little hemmed in by the local people and yearn for something more exotic.
May 29 – Jun 22, your charm is shining in your career house, which also magnetizes partners who are also benefactors to you.
You will get back onto you path soon enough and realize that sometimes we have to take some wild detours in order to find out who we are not. But you do have yet another challenging transit, Solar eclipse square your decan on October 23 which rocks the boat in your domestic life, yet again! Saturn can sap your energy a little and also make you feel less than your usual optimistic self. Leo decan 2 benefits most from this expansion as it does from the next exciting aspect pattern, the mega fabulous grand fire trine! The October 23 Solar eclipse falls in your 4th house where Saturn is also currently transiting on the long term.
Jun  17 is particular lucky when Venus trines Jupiter and attracts a spiritual or foreign mate.
Black Moon Lilith conjunct your decan Mar 3 – Jun 10 and you are on a bit of a mission to outrage your loved ones while it overlaps the previous transit until March 24. You get another boost from the Lunar eclipse trine your decan October 8 and all of a sudden you want to do everything.
This is only because sunconsciously we can sense he is flicking through our shoe box of receipts, looking to see what we have brushed under the rugs, and is now checking our knicker drawer. The April 15 Lunar eclipse in your 3rd house throws the spotlight on your immediate environment, neighbors and local connections. In the 2014 forecast I wrote that Jupiter here “as traditional religion could also benefit from Uranus’s enlightening influence.
Therefore in October, building a solid foundation in your home life may suddenly be important so that you have an steady anchor from which to travel and also a sanctuary to come home to. If you have been the caring, nurturing lioness for too long then raging Lilith will claw back her “Me” time during this period. When the Saturn square ends,  from October you can enjoy the Uranus trine without any more tests or restrictions.

You are busting with ideas due to the combined influences of exciting Uranus and exuberant Jupiter.
This trine may bring a reinterpretation of what religion means for us, which could shatter our belief systems perhaps.” This particularly applies to Leo since Jupiter starts the year in your 12th house of mysteries, which means one of the themes of this year is exploring the esoteric, ways of expanding the mind, and altered states.
You may also want to build an altar, study area or meditation space to help keep you grounded. You are sexually magnetic, but particularly on Aug  18 with Venus conjunct Jupiter strong in the 1st, followed by Aug  28 with Venus conjunct Lilith there too.
Lunar eclipse square your decan on April 29 makes you roar for the next three months in your career zone, while the Lilith transit at the same time continues to ensure you claim your own sovereignty. Mars ignites it all from your 3rd, so local learning in the form of evening classes, book clubs, meditation or yoga groups etc could be what inspire you to travel (9th), make health and lifestyle changes (6th), or feel enlightened (12th).
Towards the end of the year you will enjoy doing lots of home study and rituals in your new sacred space. Mars opposite your decan Dec 4 – Dec 19 may push you that far to the edge that you actually stop dreaming about flying to a distant land, and actually do it. All this means you can really take advantage of the fabulous Fire Grand trine which falls in your decan. The retrograde gives Mars an extended stay in your 3rd house which is perfect for organizing, problem-solving and accounting.
Mars sextile your decan May 3 – Jun 6 should help win back any people you have offended with your upfront attitude. Uranus is being triggered in your 9th house anyway and that Grand Fire trine could give you the healing you need. You have great personal power now as you have earned respect from others by being true to yourself. If you don’t take time out to recharge your batteries you could have a minor accident at home due to clumsiness. This is the ignition you need to light up all the inspiration and innovative ideas provided by the long term Uranus trine.
Apr 11 Venus conjunct Neptune in your 8th will make it very hard to keep your feet on the ground regarding a relationship.
Black Moon Lilith conjunct your decan Jun 1 – Sep 7 will also make you think outside the box. Just take cold tubs until the transit is over, or, if you have a sympathetic mate, get swinging…Otherwise, from October, you singletons can have a ball now that Saturn has let you off his lease.
Mars trine your decan Oct 12 – Oct 27 will help pick you up if you are missing some of your fads and fancies. So its party all the way until the end of the year with North Node sextile your decan Sep 10 – Dec 23 which is always great for social events and meeting new people in line with your souls path. Get all your Christmas shopping done online with Mars trine your decan in September, then in December you can lie back smugly with a mulled wine.
May 10 Not nice for your ruler the Sun’s style being cramped by a scolding Saturn opposition. This transit while the Lilith influence is going on may leave you feeling a little exiled from the common folk.
The love fest continues with Mars trine your decan Sep 28 – Oct 14, this on top of the previous transit really does bring you sexual power and the feeling of strength and success in yourself. This is a great time to attract a mate also with a spicy feel of inspiring competitiveness.
Mars opposite your decan Dec 17 – Dec 31 is your only difficult period while all this excitement is going on.
You have done great things already and now don’t need to try to hard or force things to happen.

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