If you’re looking to spice up ANY relationship in your life, this will be the most important article you will ever read.
Because the fact is that the quality of your life ultimately depends upon the quality of your relationships with other people.
And the quality of each relationship is dominated by how deeply we can truly understand and empathize with the other person.
Most people find that sooner or later, their key relationship gets rocky, and they don’t even know why. Indeed, the Numerology method provides more in-depth insights into the dynamics of your relationship that can be revealed by almost any other method. In this report, we leave no stone unturned in getting to the heart of your relationships and its core dynamics. Life Path Number – This reveals the broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in your life. Expression Number – This number is all about your physical and mental constitution, the orientation or goal of your life.  If you prefer, it’s your Destiny number. You’ll receive detailed analysis for each of these four numbers for both of you individually. The beauty is that you then have an accurate road-map to help ensure that your relationship is as great as it could possibly be. Your Relationship Compatibility Report then moves beyond the static numbers in your relationship to also incorporate the critical factor of TIME! You each receive a detailed analysis of your personal months and personal years… for the next three years! You’ll be told if your Numerological energies are in harmony over each time period, or in conflict, as well as how best to deal with the situation. The bottom line is this: if you are serious about your relationship, then you need this report! If this is a business relationship, skipping the information in this report could have serious financial consequences for you. So, by now, you’re doubtless asking, what’s the price for your Relationship Compatibility Report? This is a steal when you consider the complex calculations just to derive the basic numbers for you and your partner alone.
So with all this to gain and literally nothing to lose, there’s no real reason why you should not order right now.
This is one of the classic works on Numerology and will take your understanding of the subject and of your Numerology reading much deeper. Numerology and the Tarot are deeply intertwined for each Tarot card has Numerological significance.
Use the Tarot to get answers to questions about Money, Relationships, Job, Spiritual Growth. You will get detailed explanations and training about every single card in the Tarot pack, and each is beautifully illustrated.
Take what you learn from your Numerology report, combine it with the daily insights you will gain from the Tarot… and you will take your insights about yourself and your life to a deeper and more rewarding level. Numerology is any belief in divine, mystical relationship between a number and some coinciding events where no such relationship exists.
Master Numbers In Numerology most numbers are brought down to the vibration of a single number. The Master Numbers and the Karmic Numbers – Special Cases in Numerological Calculations. Numerologist Hans Decoz tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the numbers 11, 22 and 33: the Master Numbers!
Master Numbers represent the higher level, more powerful variations of the ordinary numbers.
Calculate your Life Path number for free and see what this most important numerology number reveals about your Most Fulfilling Direction! Our minds have no pre-defined symbolism embedded within it; there are no stop signs, user manuals or decoders.
So whether you're a tarot reader, psychologist, healer, medium, teacher, therapist, parent or just someone who enjoys exploring the power of the mind, this deck was made for each and every one of you.

Both modern psychology and the ethereal arts have long acknowledged the proven impact of color and imagery on the human mind in the areas of mood, attitude and emotion. We believe that self-enlightenment is at its most powerful when the mind is allowed to explore itself and the world around it without being shackled to predefined symbolism.
Comprised of sixty cards, this is not a tarot deck, as it is not mapped to traditional tarot iconography and format; it is not cluttered with arcane symbolism. The imagery in the cards initiates a strong flow between the conscious and subconscious minds, providing access to the Higher Self.
One need not be a tarot master, reader, student or even a believer in the spiritual to get the most out of this deck. Users of this powerful deck--a vibrantly colored bridge between spirit and science--will quickly discover they can attain stunning insight into whatever information they seek to find. For those who are ready and interested in doing so, today is a perfect day to begin this process.
One tool you can use as a meditation mandala to assist in this process isA Metatrona€™s Cube. If you are not familiar with this Sacred Geometric form, or do not have one you already work with, I have shared two here; one black and white and one with color. Enjoy working with todaya€™s frequencies and may your journey into connecting with your Multi-dimensional Self beginA IN-Joy. And we can never be truly happy unless we are in relationships and those relationships are good. You really need to understand the internal dynamics of what makes YOU tick as a person, as well as understanding the same about the other person.
It provides the breakthrough insights you need to take your relationship to previously undreamed of  levels of happiness, joy and fulfillment. However, the vast majority of people, because they’ve never encountered the amazing insights revealed by Numerology, have no idea about this at all! It will reveal key insights about you both that would astound the best relationship councilors by their sheer accuracy. What we can say for sure is that the entire universe, both energy and matter, is ultimately vibration. It reveals your inner goal, the person you aim to be.  It also shows you the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that you entered this life with.
It will then give you a detailed discussion of the interactions, showing you both the strengths, challenges and opportunities of YOUR specific number combination. This means that for the specified month or year, we give you the Numerological energies at play in your life for each of you individually, as well as for your relationship and interaction.
Certainly, during the tough times, you’ll find you will need the critical advice in this report, and will wonder how you ever got by without it.
If yours is a romantic relationship, then you will far better understand what makes the other person tick and how both of you can work to make your love grow and blossom.
However, this  book reveals what Numerology has to say about your early, middle and late life.
Now this 176-page detailed course in Tarot reading will allow you to quickly and easily learn to use this revered oracle system in your daily life. Consult the cards to get insights into the right direction for you at any major crossroads in your life. You also learn a wide variety of different card spreads, which can be used for any life situation or challenge that you face. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The Master Numbers are double digit numbers 11,22, & 33 that often appear in a Numerology chart. Generally, however, they’re significant only in the major numerology chart positions. No matter what tool we choose, we've shackled our minds with the props, meanings and symbols others have set before us.
That's why this powerful deck of cards was specifically designed to work seamlessly with the free-flowing nature of the mind and inner self. Especially created to let your imagination soar---without someone else rigidly defining what you are perceiving, Dreaming in Color™ provides a platform that places no limit on insight, intuition and imagination.

By applying a new concept that uses special visual stimulation to unlock the subconscious mind or Higher Self, the Dreaming in Color™ Luman Deck was created. This free-flowing instrument we call our mind responds the most intensely when it is given unfettered freedom to explore and imagine.
The academic community agrees, and the deck is now being formally tested at Vermont University at Burlington to ultimately help communication- or emotionally-challenged children. Meditating on each image not only brings forth the ability to intuit present and future situations and events, but also allows the reader to absorb the positive, particular energies inherent in each card while releasing the negative ones. In fact, one doesn't even need anything but a willingness to test the power of the mind to successfully use these cards.
Just as these two Masters lived an honorable and principled life while incarnate upon Earth, so too should we strive to be ethical and moral in our daily interactions with all others, no matter who or what they might be. It is about Awakening to the Expanded Reality of your Multi-dimensional Self and beginning the process of a€?buildinga€? your Multi-dimensional Self and Reality. And before they know it, the relationship is over and they’re off looking for a new one… only to repeat the same cycle again! It could even be a potential relationship you’re considering with someone whom you’ve never met or even seen.
And each human being definitely seems to be in harmonic resonance with the vibrations set up by their birthdate and the name they were given. It reveals the opportunities and challenges coming your way, as well as how best to deal with them.
For example, what does it mean if you have a Life Path number of 1 and your relationship partner has Life Path number 8? However, you’re getting an in-depth personalized Numerology report, giving you your complete Numerology birth chart analysis AND your major Numerology cycles for months to come. Commence your exciting new adventure of self-discovery – for both you and your loved one! Throw away your study books and stop spending years learning about symbolism others have defined for you. It's a bridge that is specifically intended to help the user develop their intuitive and psychic abilities through the use of meditative, intuitive and psychological expansion and color-drenched, semi-abstract dreamscape imagery. In fact, according to our customers, The Dreaming in Color Deck™ has already been known to open up communication with autistic children. The images will take you exactly where you need to go, and enhance your natural psychic abilities along the way--abilities that exist within us all, without exception.
If you dona€™t resonate with either of these there are many wonderful pictures on the internet where you can find one to work with. And throughout this book, you’ll gain fascinating insights into the practical philosophy of Numerology as it applies directly to your life.
With the power of the individual soul in mind, Dreaming in Color™ was meant for immediate use by everyone, no matter what their belief system. The ultimate goal is to help people discover information---about their lives and themselves---they can use for a wide array of both spiritual and psychological applications.
These cards were not only created for divination, meditation and color therapy, but to support heightened intuition and the release of negative thought patterns and energies.
The artwork on the cards--a colorful mix of the real and surreal--acts as a portal for wisdom to come to the surface.
That's why this deck is used not only by tarot readers and mediums, but psychologists, therapists and teachers. Instead, this breakthrough deck is chock full of color-drenched, semi-abstract imagery that is much like a series of snapshots of the places we've all visited in dreams.
Many people from all walks of life are drawn to these images, and the potential for this deck to assist people without spiritual proclivities is limitless.
This singular combination of the real and surreal strongly encourages one's vision to open, and open it does---full throttle.

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