Our blog carsroadreview adding specs, pictures, photos gallery of 2015 Gold Platted Custom Chopper Price List. Like many other exotic cars, Ferraris can commonly be seen wearing personalised or heritage number plates. Many Ferrari owners come up with their own unique combos, but some seem desperate to have the word FERRARI on their number plate, just in case the prancing horse wasn’t enough!
Of course there can only be one FERRARI plate in each state (or perhaps none in those states without 7 character plates), but that doesn’t stop people from trying.

There is definitely some┬ábenefit to having the one and only FERRARI plate for your state, but we have to say, even with the correct spelling this plate really does nothing for the car. Please note that we’ve only included plates which reference the Ferrari name or the model number.
If you have photos of more Ferrari number plates, either good or bad, please send them through so we can add them to the collection.
I was just wondering if you able to help me by giving out some contacts for some guys who able to remade custom number plate to heritage looks alike.

Modifications are still being made, please contact JustinR or Kav91 if you have any issues!

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