General Discussion topics about the Chrysler 300 and other LX models that don't fit within the specific listed categories below. At least this owner is willing to admit…well, almost true, that this Saturn has FPITBG Lol! The submitter of this one said “It takes about a minute to get it…” What do you guys think? Under the Vehicle Seizure Program, drivers stopped by a peace officer and found to have their operator's licence suspended will have the vehicle they were driving seized and impounded for a period of 30 days. You can buy a personalized licence plate online for your vehicle or for someone else if you have a driver’s licence number or registrant identification number. A personalized licence plate (also known as vanity plates) can have up to seven characters, either letters or numbers. Veterans' licence plates can be used on vehicles with passenger class registration, such as passenger cars, SUVs, station wagons, minivans, motor homes, light trucks and motorcycles. Some who get personalized license plates choose to get ones that reflect their hobbies or a nickname. If the car you want the personalized license plates for is your family car, choose a plate that speaks of your family characteristics, or a funny family inside joke.
What better way to put the icing on the cake of your beloved Ford Mustang than with a personalized plate. IIIXXI -- These comprise the Roman numerals representing the three Superbowl-winning teams: I, II and XXI.

Green Bay Packer fans are commonly referred to as Cheeseheads because Wisconsin is famous for their cheeses. LOMBARDI -- Vince Lombardi was the legendary coach that led the Packers to the Superbowl victories in 1967 and 1968. BSTARR -- The original superstar quarterback (QB) for the Packers when they won Superbowl I and II was Bart Starr. REGEWHT -- There are very few Packer fans who will forget the contributions Reggie White made to the Packers while he played for the team. 52SACKS -- References Clay Matthews, current linebacker for the Packers and the times he has tackled ("sacked") an opposition quarterback.
Someone who is in love with football could choose something like "NFL LVR" to proclaim their love for the National Football League. A family with all male children could have a "BOYSRUS" license plate, while one with all girls could have a "GRLMBL" or girl-mobile. Green Bay is the smallest market of all major professional sports teams based on city population size. The Green Bay Packers have a victory total of 12 championships in the team's history, some before the first Superbowl. Green Bay Packer players will jump into the crowd after scoring a touchdown when playing at home. There are plenty of those Packer fans who can't stand the sight of their former signal caller leading the archrival Vikings.

Regular license plates are boring, so make your car stand out with a fitting personalized license plate that is unique to you and you car. You could also get a license plate that speaks to why you bought the car or how you feel about it, like "2MNYKDS" for too many kids or "DADSRYD" (dad's ride) for the dad who sacrificed his car for a minivan. You could have a short statement like "IM4U2NV" if you think other people would be envious of your car. Even though the community may be small, their fan base is mighty and the history of the team -- and its most loyal -- is deep. The following plates are based on the seven-character limit as dictated by the state of Wisconsin. Have fun with your personalized license plate, and remember that it is just that; personalized. If you are outside Wisconsin, you have a better chance at securing some of these license plate designations. If the license plate you want has already been taken by someone, add a favorite number on the end, like "CRVET-7".

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