Limitations in hotel facilities and travel schedules make exercise while travelling extremely difficult.
A solution to the travel exercise problem needed to be packable, weigh less than two pounds, and provide a full body workout. The frequent travellers we worked with expressed the most interest in upper-body weight training while on the road. We also found that the hotel room was the epicenter of activity for our users, who were often uncomfortable in the hotel gym and mentioned late-night schedules that kept them from wanting to leave the comfort of their rooms.
We experimented with a variety of handle shapes and resistive materials and tested them with the users, who compared them with the equipment they were used to.

The Power Trip equipment has durable plastic handles that are lightweight and wrapped in comfortable rubber grips. The equipment allows a wide variety of exercises, from bicep and chest work to lat pulldowns and abdominal crunches.
20T portable porta power hydraulic jack in iron box with CE20T portable porta power hydraulic jack in iron box with CE   1.
15T portable porta power hydraulic jack in blow case CE15T portable porta power hydraulic jack in blow case CE   1. They wanted something that mimicked what they use in the gym, but packable in a carry-on bag.

The winning style was very similar to permanent equipment, but made of lightweight materials. The high-tension elastic bands are thrown over or under a door, which secures the padded anchor when closed. Resistance is adjustable by increasing or decreasing the doubled-thickness portion of the loop, giving a solid workout to the user.

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