The dreamGEAR booth at CES 2011 was one of those unexpected, pleasant surprises hidden among heavy hitters like Samsung, Blackberry, Canon, Intel, etc.
The dreamGEAR iSound charger could prove to be vital in helping you stay connected traveling on the road or across the country.  It appears to be so effective, that in all of its portable glory, you could leave it at home while traveling and still have enough power when you return.  Think you’ll give it a try?  What kind of battery power does your charger currently give you?

Below, see the charger from all angles.  We have an interview with Oren from dreamGEAR talking all about the features of the Portable Power Max as well as what the smaller version of the device can do.
The company truly boasted a product that no matter what kind of devices you own, you’d be silly not to add to your collection: meet the iSound Portable Power Max.

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