Just recently a few things have happened in my life to make me think about the way we say certain things. The other extremely simple concept, which I forget from time to time, is that saying something positive goes much further than saying something negative. So if I could leave you with this analogy – positive words are like the solar powered battery, they last long (longer than negative words), they are energised by the sun (positive words) and they are good for the environment (all around them). Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall. Kids gotta eat, kids gotta go to school, gotta make some lunch for them, gotta scan the news on television, pack your bag(s) and maybe those of others?
Not enough time to wake up, not enough time to eat, not enough time to talk with your spouse, not enough time to get from one place to another? I took off with my laptop beside me listening to some Podcasts of the Fizzlers; coaches and mentors for entrepreneurs.
I welcome the day, I welcome myself, I welcome everyone I meet, I welcome the people I will meet in training, coaching and speaking (even if there are 60 of them). The small things that get you into a positive, yes, an awesome mindset are the things that count. These steps will help you to stay motivated, inspired, and dedicated to building new levels of muscle mass and strength.
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The start of the term has seen stage 3 students writing job application letters and CVs, start a new project which involves a Japanese culture study and a maths project on angry birds.
If someone in authority demands something in a negative way you are less likely to do it, but if they approach you in a positive way how much better do you feel about doing it. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Somebody wrote that if you are busy and huried your kids copy and incorporate the same behaviour. So, I got up at 5.30, taking a shower, doing some ironing of my business shirt, making and having breakfast, preparing for the journey. In order build muscle and strength faster; you need to believe that each and every workout is creating new growth.
It has to be your predominant mental attitude that you are, without a doubt, building a bigger and stronger physique each week.
It has also seen a change to the school timetable so we have had to adapt our teaching accordingly.
This became really apparent when I was teaching in inner city London and I realised that if I raised my voice, a very blank look came over the students, an almost autonomous reaction. I certainly notice in students that if I give them positive reinforcement it lasts longer than negative reinforcement. It is not enough to think positively for a few moments, and then let fear or doubt enter your mind.

You may not even believe in it at first, however with time, you will see a shift in what you believe and in the rate at which you develop muscle mass.
But if I lowered my voice, the students almost had to lean in to hear me and thus a better listening environment was created.
Our six new students are now well settled, starting to make friends, beginning to understand the 4 C’s of PBL and  how we work in our classroom and school.
Now I am only human after all and I do sometimes forget this concept but I certainly try my hardest. View on Facebook·ShareInternational Football School 2 days ago Today IFTS represented at the Food Revolution Day. Since your thoughts directly con­tributed to your results, it takes practice to become completely positive and certain about your success. This is a Jamie Oliver initiative and it was awesome being part of a day that promoted real food! Your chest, your abs, your legs, etc… By having a goal in mind, your body will aim to achieve it.

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