You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Meanwhile, could anyone let me know whether there are 970 cards which are too tall to fit in the XPS8700 case? Big thanks to Chris for all the hard work, and thanks to anybody else that has helped this process along. I have heard that sometime it is better to upgrade in small increments when it comes to bios. Once done, we boot into Windows, install the latest drivers and after a reboot all should be working.
Mind you, the system wattage is measured at the wall socket side and there are other variables like PSU power efficiency. GeForce GTX 970 or 980 - On your average system the card requires you to have a 500 Watt power supply unit.
If you are going to overclock your GPU or processor, then we do recommend you purchase something with some more stamina. There are many good PSUs out there, please do have a look at our many PSU reviews as we have loads of recommended PSUs for you to check out in there.
Let's move to the next page where we'll look into GPU heat levels and noise levels coming from this graphics card. Ahead of its launch, and after teasing it early last week, EVGA showed off its flagship single-GPU graphics card, the GeForce GTX 980 Classified Kingpin Edition. It features a massive 10-phase VRM that draws power from two 8-pin and one 6-pin PCIe power connectors, which in addition to stabilizing your record-seeking overclock, power a defrosting circuit that keeps key areas of the PCB warm enough to prevent frosting, when cooling with subzero solutions, such as liquid nitrogen.
I know it is a supervilllian name, and chosing a criminal reference as a gamers name like that for a part speaks of poor taste and no way I am going to write it the ganglands way he or they want to write it! Ok, so it is multiple, I did that checking but supposed that someone in "da scene" would choose it for those typical over the top playernames, not engineering, but at least I learned something and that is just great! I have this fantastic CPU in a Dell Optiplex 780 DT edition, and to this date, it's still the 2nd best PC that I have, out of an arsenal of seven. Having tested lately other gaming routers, and previously using a x6, I am accustomed to understanding what these routers are marked and used for.
More and more reports are popping up saying that the GeForce GTX 970 has a problem with inductor noise. A bit of background: the inductor noise is caused by high-frequency oscillation of the coil wires. When first publicizing the first roundups of the GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 we experienced criticism.
However, if none of our cards emitted inductor noise, then why are so many retail cards affected?
Another reason is that the test system, using faultless and specified components, certainly forms a different basis than various systems available on the market. As the press and as a community, we must communicate with the manufacturers in order for these to either ensure that faulty components can be easily replaced, or that such hardware won't come into trade.

Hardwareluxx will take a close look in the coming days to determine which manufacturers are particularly affected and contact them about the matter.
I was thinking of buying the EVGA 970 because I am concerned that the MSI, GigaByte and ASUS cards are too tall. I did not have a single issue putting it in and its not difficult to hook up as you just pay attention to what is already hooked up to the old psu. You need to maneuver the wireless antenna cable around the inside top edge of the power supply as you are moving it into final position.
No further configuration is required or needed unless you like to tweak the settings, for which you can open the NVIDIA control panel.
Again, the Wattage shown is the card with the GPU(s) stressed 100%, showing only the peak GPU power draw, not the power consumption of the entire PC and not the average gaming power consumption.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Based on a meatier version of the company's ACX 2.0 cooling solution, the card features clear acrylic cutouts around its shroud, rather than a frosty translucent one, featured on its GTX 780 Ti based predecessor.
The other big card is the GeForce GTX 970 FTW, the company's top-tier card based on NVIDIA's second fastest GPU. These definitions for the word existed long before the Marvel character came into existence.
Now when you're getting a good 200MHz (which gives you even more Boost), you're reaching the 15% increases, which start to show, and can sometimes take you from barely playable, to tolerable (or pretty good, to smooth) i.e from 50ish FPS to 60FPS (especially if you're trying to maintain a specific Refresh Rate for obvious reasons).
In the German-language Hardwareluxx forum, user Coolfly created thread in the graphics card subforum taking a close look at the GeForce GTX 970 models experiencing this problem. The inductors used on a video card are important components of the power and voltage supply. First,  for the most part Hardwareluxx tests preproduction sample cards, that mainly come from the first production batch. In the past, it has been observed that inductor noise for example often occurred in motherboards when other power supplies were used. It would be the best if manufacturers would already lay out and test their hardware so that such problems won't occur, or if they do, then to a much lesser extent. Perhaps it will be clarified what component is mainly responsible and ihose responsibility it is to prevent such a problem in the future. I already installed a Corsair CX-600 power supply (same size as Dell power supply), and it fits great.
I used a small screwdriver to easy the black cable around the edge of the power supply so it did not get crushed.
On a desktop computer, the only external devices I have connected during a Bios update would be:- LAN RJ45 ethernet- Mouse- Keyboard- Monitor (minus the USB upstream cable)So no external HDD, printer, scanner, etc.
Preferably get yourself a power supply that has these PCIe PEG connectors natively (converting them from a Molex Peripheral connector anno 2014 is sooo 2008).
The card features a strong VRM that draws power from a combination of 6-pin and 8-pin connectors.

Also if they used even half way decent MOSFETs this 8 phase VRM should have the same if not large current capability. In addition, comprehensive lists have already been created showing which models and manufacturers are affected.
However, a tweeping card does not mean that this is the case with all of the cards from different manufacturers - to a larger extent it also depends on the rest of the system and the respective load on the hardware. First of all, Hardwareluxx needs to explain why possible inductor noise was not mentioned, for any model: the matter is quite simple - none of the cards we tested in the two roundups (custom models of the GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970) had any inductor noise.
For this reason, it can be assumed that almost all graphic samples are pretested by the manufacturers to see if they actually work properly - ultimately because they are the first models of a first series.
Logically, this leads to higher costs and is also only possible to a limited degree after a product has been launched, because the manufacturers themselves can't fall back on all samples and possible system combinations.
I absolutely could not get the latch on the cable connector loose from the motherboard using just my fingers. The before and after wattage will tell us roughly how much power a graphics card is consuming under load. It features a standard-size ACX 2.0 cooler, and a back-plate cools memory chips on that side. EVGA has been recycling the same VRM since 2013 even and I suspect that they just never had the time to make a new one. Due to the variety of cards acquired by the forum community, an interesting overview was created in collaboration.
The aid of the community can make our lives a lot easier and at the same time narrowing down the problem through more details on models and setups experiecing the inductor noise problem, the more accurately Hardwareluxx can ask manufacturers. Finally I used a small flat screwdriver to positively release the latch with one hand while gently rocking the connector out of its socket with the other hand. Our test system is based on a power hungry six-core Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition Sandy Bridge-E based setup on the X79 chipset platform. I think you get about 5% per 80MHz (although it's not a static gain, due to the fluctuating Boost clock), so if you're getting 30fps, that's 1.5fps.
A sticker declaring the card as a "Media Testing Sample" or the message "Not for Sale", as well as the lack of serial numbers indicate that these aren't the cards that will hit the stores. When reconnecting the new 24 pin connector I was careful to support the bottom of the motherboard with my fingers and to use a flashlight to make sure that the latch was positively engaged. The manufacturers assert, of course, that no pre-selection takes place - and usually the manufacturer are also well advised to send out non-selected cards.
Next to that we have energy saving functions disabled for this motherboard and processor (to ensure consistent benchmark results). The confidence of consumers in buying well-tested PC system components if very difficult to restore, once disappointed.

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