In the spirit of public service - it seems, Google has just launched an online tool simply named "Find Your Precinct" where voters for the 2010 Philippine National Elections like yourself (hopefully) can find the exact address and location on the map of their voting precincts.
You may also contribute to the service by placing locations of each voting center on the Google map shown on the site.
It's only less than a week before the May 2010 Philippine Elections and I guess most of us are itching to try out the newly implemented automated voting system.
Results will give you the address of your precinct as well as the number of registered voters who will be serviced by the site.

Pin the location of the voting center on the map provided to help other find their precinct on election day. Some might get confused because not everyone has background or technical know-how with this type of voting system.
I tried searching mine today and I was satisfied with how quick and easy the search came up considering it's a government website (because most government-run websites in the Philippines are either taking too slow to load up or they are always down. But as per the TV ad campaign (May bilog may bilog na hugis itlog), all you have to do is to shade the circle (or oval I guess) of the candidate you are voting for.

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