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When you read your prediction from an astrologer, you often encounter reference to various charts like Natal chart, Horoscope chart, Horary chart, Divisional charts, Navamsa chart, Transit chart, Progression charts, Moon chart, Varshaphal chart, Solar return chart, Compatibility charts, so on so forth.
In this article I shall try to describe these charts in their correct perspective to clarify some of these confusions that may be in your mind. However I shall cover the main important ones that you are most likely to encounter in any reports of Cyber Astro.
Every place on the surface of the earth has a unique ascendant sign and ascendant degree among the 12 zodiac signs at any given date and time of birth. From working on photoshoots to managing daily content, she’s livin’ it up playing in her dream closet all day. Seize opportunities after the 3rd, which have an impact both personally and professionally. 10 Signs That You’re A Total Sco15 Things You Should Never Say to a TaurusTop storiesDo You Have Typical Aquarius Personality Traits?! Of course I must clarify that there are numerous charts and this article cannot deal comprehensively with all the charts.
The Ascendant point signifies the exact eastern horizon at the exact date, time and place of birth of a person.

Before you do some shopping, check out your fashion horoscope to find out which styles suit you best this month. Cash issues midmonth need not restrict you from pursuing an aspiration – it will empower you.
Head on over to our YouTube channel for tips and tricks on how to rock heels and look fabulous! Investing trust in others pays off, but avoid inflated expectations… Determination overcomes obstacles after the 27th and you’ll be a force to reckon with. By Definition a horoscope depicts the position of all the planets in heaven for given date, time and sun sign . Every other sign in the zodiac then becomes the other houses in the chart in the anticlockwise direction. Vision combined with reality works real magic.Sex and RelationshipsRomance flourishes with a few compromises.
This date and time is critical because planets are in constant motion and their positions are continuously changing.
If the Ascendant sign is Aries in a horoscope chart, then the next zodiac sign in the anticlockwise direction is Taurus. Your charisma is effective, but steer clear of earning a ‘drama queen’ reputation with someone… Another person is capable of blowing your mind.
You will impress and perhaps seem invincible, but beware of preaching to others.Sex and RelationshipsYou’ll need to step outside your comfort-zone and allow people to overturn assumptions.

Adopting a sensible attitude towards your choices will prove wise, and an erotic development could amaze you. Each Zodiac sign represents 30 degrees of movement for each planet and the 12 Zodiac signs represent 360 degrees movement of each planet.
Unusual offers come, whether single or attached, and emotions run high even in the most light-hearted liaisons. So the natal horoscope chart signifies the individual planet positions in different zodiac signs and the ascendant and 12 houses in the chart based on the date, time and place of birth.
Now you’ll feel ready to take a relationship further, and someone you know intimately will reveal unexpected qualities. We also do the Astrology sign compatibility so that you can know how compatible you are with your loved ones.
This is the permanent chart of an individual, which does not change as the birth details do not change. Moon is the fastest moving planet, and it takes approximately two and half days to travel through each Zodiac sign.

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