Freckle Juice won the third grade division, and rightly so…super cute and you can tell they worked hard on this one. I think Chocolate Fever placed second in the 3rd grade division.  Do you see what I mean when I say it was a tough decision? Pinkalicious is one of my favorite children’s books, so I was thrilled to see this project!
Want more reading fair projects inspiration?  Start here.  Follow me on Pinterest and never miss a reading fair update! I appreciated my son’s teacher this year as NOTHING came home to do with any projects.
It would’ve been nice to see some winners that were authentically done exclusively by the hands of a child.
Do What You Are (Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger) – particularly if you are seeking career and life purpose direction. The Feeling Good Handbook (David Burns, MD) – He is a recognized medical expert on anxiety and depression. Toxic Parents (Susan Forward, PhD) – A great resource for those seeking to understand what happened if they grew up in a home where there was abuse or neglect.
Codependent No More (Melodie Beattie) – A great book for those growing up where mental illness or alcoholism in a parent was a factor, for these people have difficulties setting and managing boundaries.

Many Lives, Many Masters (Brian Weiss, MD) – The book tells about how he discovered through using regression hypnosis with a “stuck” patient that “past life” stories can heal and transform. Transformational Healing (Marilyn Gordon, BCT) – I studied with her, and learned a combination of techniques that can create great change in a relatively short period of time. The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense (Linguist Susan Hayden-Elgin, PhD) – holds many strategies for shifting the context of communications to healthier outcomes. Not Just Friends (Shirley Glass)- A wonderful help for those struggling with the topic of extra- marital affairs. Mind-Body Technologies (these are emerging as a more rapid way to create change in thought and belief, and these are amazingly effective. The Tapping Cure (Roberta Temes, PhD) – He contributes to the literature of energy psychology, and how tapping on certain acupressure points while talking about an issue can relieve the intensity of an emotion. Stein project won in the 4th and 5th grade division.  I wish you could see the detail that went into this robot and the rest of the props with it.  It was the most incredible reading fair project I had ever seen! While fairs like this are great in theory, it seems like the parents always end up taking over the best ones.
While cute and great as family projects, the adult influence is too, too apparent in these examples.
It is still a powerful resource regarding cognitive behavioral strategies to help a person heal and change.

Gundry) – Read if you have certain inherited predispositions to diseases such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or others. A person must choose a system that is based on his or her own existing place in the nutritional and health realm, and more importantly, one that fits with the lifestyle. Mom!Mom blog and elementary school librarian sharing product reviews, giveaways, and lifestyle articles for parents. It will be fun for me because when I was in elementary school, we didn’t do any of that. Many of these systems have simplified ways to make changes, such as when eating out in restaurants, while balancing with a family’s needs, or when needing to prepare a meal in thirty minutes or less. All of them have influenced my thinking about psychotherapy and about life, so I am very happy to share them with you. When this happens, there is a teachable moment, and new ideas and ways of understanding and change occur automatically. The mission of my practice has been to help others understand, grow and change, according to their own self-determined direction, starting from where they are at in their own life.

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