Sesame Street Reading Games is a computer game produced by Creative Wonders and compatible with Windows and Macintosh. The second game is The Three Grouchketeers, inspired by Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers.
Sight Word Bingo: A ready-to-print Bingo game with some of the most basic sight words for beginning readers. Most reading games for kids on this site can be played in more than one grade level, including the ones listed here. 2nd Grade Reading Fun: Circling Around is a reading activity that help kids practice reading words and finding rhymes. 4th grade: Verb Vine - Your students will read and work with interesting verbs while winding their way around a colorful game board.

5th Grade: Here are two reading games, What's Missing and News Clues, that your upper elementary students can play in small groups. Bible Crosswords, Free Printable Bible Games, Printable CrosswordsBible crosswords are a great way to review important Bible stories.
Grover, Zoe, and Telly are the Grouchketeers, charged by King Oscar with the task of finding his missing Royal Pig. Your child will get to practice reading a simple map of a park, and he'll use the map key (or legend) to help him color and circle the correct items. Grades 1-3Pick A Path Game to Teach Reading: This fun game helps build reading recognition and meaning skills.
We've listed these by grade for those of you who are in a big hurry to find the right game!

Toddler Edition, uses loose adaptations of literature to teach basic reading and comprehension skills. Grover travels to the land of the Twiddlebugs (paralleling Gulliver's visit to Lilliput) and later encounters Big Bird and Snuffy (standing in for the giant Brobdignagians). You may even enjoy playing them, too!Games are generally arranged from lowest to highest level, but please note that many of these fun reading games can be played with multiple levels.

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