The relationship between a Scorpio male and Leo female lasts really long as both the partners appreciate and respect each other and hold on to each other very strongly. When Leo female and Scorpio male get physically involved with each other, their relationship transcends from a tender romantic expression of love to a more intense and passionate kind of lovemaking.
The marriage between a Leo female and Scorpio male is a perfectly blending bond of romance and passion.
Both the partners are very protective about each other which may sometimes lead to small problems in their relation.
With time, Leo female opens up with her man and asks for more imaginative and intense lovemaking. To get her attention in the very first move, you must shower her with compliments and admiration. She is always there for her friends and family and showers everyone around her with love and affection. Both the partners are driven by feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, which may lead to conflicts.

He desires his lady to play in sync with him otherwise he may experience episodes of rejection. He always takes care of all her demands and desires and promises to keep her happy all her life. This may force him to become completely cold and he will not mind punishing his lady by avoiding her when she wants him the most.
She is very straightforward and always speaks what she feels is right without getting influenced by anyone else.
They certainly face problems which involve because of their similar natures but all in all they are a promising couple.
She needs to learn to make the first move and give away her complaining nature and dominance in sex. As she allows him to rule their sex life, he turns out to be an intense lover who is always ready to shower his lady with his passionate and erotic love.
Their relationship gets better with time as they are able to develop a rock solid understanding.

Both the partners absorb good qualities of one another, thereby making this relationship a perfect learning experience coupled with a beautiful transformation. He learns to be more expressive and she learns to explore and experience the deepest emotions.
They enjoy a blessed marital life which is a result of their unconditional love and ability to keep holding on to each other. Together, they create beautiful memories out of every moment they have spent with each other.

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