In the past I also blogged some channelled messages about 11 – they should appear in the related posts below this post.
The previous house we lived in for many years up until two years ago, was the number 115 and the telephone number there had in it 1125. A reminder to check your thought in that moment and a door to manifest what you want to create, perhaps that the thought you were just having is aligned with the truth?
So anyway, do share if you are also seeing 11’s or if you think this is just self-suggestion or coincidence add a comment. About Latest Posts Follow meReena GagnejaReena Gagneja is a qualified Soul Plan Reader and Spiritual Counsellor.
Jim Carrey - Spiritual Awakening!A Facebook post reminded me of Jim Carrey's videos on youtube about spiritual awakening.

Maximum visitors to this blog today was at 12.11 (I have a module on this site that gives these stats). Janaki { Many people say that The School is the most powerful experience they ever had in their lives. Reena Gagneja { Your words are full of wisdom and I found your experience about your marriage moving. Abdullah { I know this is a super old post, but I just came across it and wanted to comment.
I’m too logical to believe this can happen to so many people (just Google it) and defy the law of averages so consistently and with just this one number.
She enjoys blogging about natural and alternative health and spiritual and holistic topics.

It has been going on so long that i also now notice numbers automatically that add up to 11. You’ve got me adding up numbers now too ?? Well, it beats worrying about the price of vegetables.
I saw the time at 11 minutes past the hour at least once today – maybe more, but I no longer remember each time now, it happens so frequently. But on the latter note, I happen to think that much of what happens in life is urging us to take the red pill, but most people are too set on maintaining their blue pill outlook.

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