From Ancient Egyptian magic to the cards carried by exotic gypsies, Tarot’s purported origins are as enigmatic as its images. The Visconti Deck is the earliest full deck to have survived intact and was painted by an Italian artist, Bonifacio Bembo. The sequence of pictures that make up the Major Arcana spring from the universal language of symbols buried deep in the unconscious of every human being. The Major Arcana’s images seamlessly connect with other mystical or magical systems, such as astrology, ritual magic and the Hebrew Kabala. Tarot’s symbolic links to other teachings have been dealt with by countless scholars. These delicate cards, which date from the beginning of the fifteenth century, were specially commissioned by the Duke of Milan and bear his family name.
The presence of The Empress, an obvious representation of the Great Mother Goddess, The High Priestess, another clear goddess image, and The Hanged Man are enough to suggest that Tarot’s roots lie in the more distant past. Alchemists called the Anima Mundi, or World Soul; the eminent psychologist, Cark Gustav Jung, named it the collective unconscious.
The striking images that make up the twenty-two cards of the mysterious Major Arcana contain many visual references to anchient religions and spiritual practices. While the Minor Arcana is certainly essential for general readings covering spans of time and interest, the Major Arcana always forms the main focus in a spread.
Those figures, such as The Hierophant or Pope, The Magician and The Fool, seem to readily resonate with the medieval world, leading some scholars to assume that Tarot is an essentially medieval oracle.

These vibrant and disturbing images pre-date the prevailing Christian beliefs of the Renaissance.
The images of the Major Arcana are arranged in a meaningful way which symbolizes the soul’s journey of enlightenment. A great deal of work on such correspondences was done by a prestigious British magical group called The Golden Dawn at the turn of this century. They link the Tarot pictures with anchient esoteric teachings, such as goddess worship, shamanism, pagan religions and myth. Two members of this group, Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, produced the Waite Deck which is one of the most richly-symbolic decks currently available.
But the main problem is that the Russian brand used some Russian text in their tarot cards.
We know cards existed prior to this date, because they were forbidden in Florence, Italy, in 1376; considered dangerous and heretical by the established Church, they were repeatedly banned, condemned and even publicly burned.
And it is the archetypal nature of these images which has, arguably, kept Tarot alive and led to its present flowering. And as life progresses, and the lessons unfold, this sequence is repeated many times, in various ways.
I have used the astrological connectins they made throughout this book because I find they add depth to interpretation. If you are fortunate enough to have a Karmic Deck for you old grandmother then as a beginner you have to learn the Russian language.

During tarot cards reading the tarot cards readers use some candles to make the cards more shinny. To get a dreaming effect on the mind of a client a tarot card consultant use the purple color light. Some people take it as a hobby and make inexperience statements about futures and in 80% cases they are not accurate. To become an expert in tarot cards reading, you have to meet a lot of people and practices make person perfect.
Initially, assembly love forecast and forecast about romance of you friends’ personal life make you expert in the field of tarot cards reading.
The use tarot Cards Software is not always helpful and manual thinking make you brain sharp to do you profession more professionally. Tarot book are just collection of experiences of different professional tarot card readers.

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