Back in March, The US Federal Trade Commission filed complaints against a number of individuals suspected of running SMS scams that promised users free Apple products and gift cards. According to the FTC, Cresta Pillsbury, Jan-Paul Diaz, Joshua Brewer and Daniel Stanitski operated a company called Ecommerce Merchants (Superior Affiliate Management).
Those who fell for the scam were tricked into handing over personal information, subscribing to paid services, or making purchases. This provides an easy access to Free SMS gateway, without having to login through the desktop website.

If you encounter any problems associated with Way2Sms login, Just use the forget Password link on the official site to reset your password. Primarily, go to the homepage and hit the Forgot password link illustrated below the password input box.
Alternatively, you can also receive your account password through a missed call (Toll free number).
You should receive your temporary account password though a text message or an automated voice call.

Just type in your Mobile Number and Password associated with the account in the login page. The site has recently published an official Android App to send Free SMS to anywhere around the globe, directly through your handheld device.

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