When I first read this book I thought about creative ways to make money other than by making money in a job. When you think about creative ways of making money and getting rich think about being of service to others. Once you can pinpoint this you can start to move towards setting things in place to work towards creating true riches in your life. If you enjoyed this help me spread the positive vibes around the world & back, share and re-tweet. This entry was posted in ¦ Living Abundantly ¦ and tagged attract wealth, become rich, create wealth, how to get rich, law of attraction money, manifest wealth, modern day science of getting rich, the science of getting rich, wallace d wattles, wealth creation by Liz Green. If you don’t read any other book this decade on financial prosperity, you must read “The Science of Getting Rich.”  The Science of Getting Rich is a great (short) book which was written by Wallace D. The authors point in making these observations is to note that riches are not contributable to luck, the right family, or the right neighborhood; but something else.
This article will recap the basic principles taught in “The Science of Getting Rich,” so that you can start practicing the science today, even if you’re a blockhead.
The book states that you should give 100 percent effort in your daily actions, and tells you to complete an honest day’s work every day. If you have “a passion” to achieve a goal, then you have the power to achieve it.  Passion is power.
Finally, the book states that you must remain in a state of gratitude at all times; for everything that you have.

These are the four principles taught in the Science of Getting Rich, memorize them, and put them into action; they will change your life.
About AuthorThis site provides expert tips, coaching, strategies and the latest findings and research from leading mentors on creating wealth, starting a business and making money. Created by a wealth creation expert, Tully Robertson, who has also been researching and blogging about this field for over 5 years.
As featured in the bestselling book The Secret, here is the landmark guide to wealth creation republished with the classic essay “How to Get What You Want.”Wallace D.
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Thanks for visiting!Have you read the Science of Getting Rich but feel a little stuck with what to do next to bring about the financial changes you would like to see?
Rather than going after the money you need to get creative about how you are going to bring it into your life. Using the word creative initially made me think of the arts, writing books and other similar services.
The book states: …”do not do this as a mere dreamer or castle builder…,” but you must do it in faith knowing that your vision is going to become a reality.
However, the book also states that you should never over work, because it’s not the number of items that you complete, but the importance of each item that matters.  If you complete enough important items you will succeed.

Mr Self Development is a motivational website that aims to give tips to help you succeed with your goals. Get on the Wait-List and we’ll let you know when we launch the Get Mentored by the Rich Training Program. Get on the Wait-List and we'll let you know when we launch the Get Mentored by the Rich Training Program. More recently he has had the opportunity to personally meet and interview many of the leaders in this field and shares his stories, interviews and latest findings found on money and wealth creation right here on this site and our mobile app. Wattles spent a lifetime considering the laws of success as he found them in the work of the world’s great philosophers.
He will lead, guide and direct you so you can experience for yourself just how simple it can be.
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