We all know what it feels like to be Walter Mitty, imagining ourselves as achievers and darers far beyond our normal lives. Like George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Walter once planned to see the world but family obligations kept him at home. As a director, Stiller is developing a more assured visual style and there are some bracingly robust images, befitting a story about LIFE photographs, the man who takes them and the man who sorts them, the man who goes places and the man who looks at the pictures of places. Movie Mom's full archives of more than 2,500 reviews (including her 200 best films for families), 400 interviews with filmmakers and 4,000 blog posts is now on Beliefnet for searching. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens ("Downton Abbey") star in Disney's live action "Beauty and the Beast," coming in 2017.

One of the films I am most looking forward to this summer is "Don't Think Twice," Mike Birbiglia's film set in the world of improv comedy, with a sensation cast that includes Keegan-Michael Key and Kate Micucci.
TCM and Bonhams are conducting a sale of Disney animation treasures from the collection of Ted and Dawn Hopkins. I often say that the single most popular theme in movies is two characters who don't like each other at first but develop a grudging respect and often a deep affection. The original short story by James Thurber is about a middle-aged, hen-pecked man who daydreams about dashing adventures as he is out running errands with his wife. He takes pictures in places so remote and exotic they are not reachable by text messages or Skype.

I liked  seeing Walter drew Cheryl into his search very naturally, and how Walter was able to be shy but still very capable around her and around her young son.
If you’ve been daydreaming about a great film for the family to enjoy together over the holidays, take them on a journey to see this one at your local theater.

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