A DYING 84-year-old woman made a desperate mobile phone call to her family to say she was getting no help from hospital staff, it has been claimed.
Dorothy Simpson told her son she was having difficulty breathing and that no one at Royal Bournemouth Hospital was helping her, he says.
Only one member of her close-knit family had managed to get to the hospital before she died. Her body was then left on ward three for several hours despite her family’s pleas for a doctor to confirm the death, they claim. Mrs Simpson contacted her son Steve at 6pm on Saturday, July 27, just two hours after he had been chatting to her on the ward. Jim, who lives at Throop, said: “As I walked towards her bed I could hear a machine bleeping.
Mrs Simpson, who lived at Hengistbury Head, moved to Bournemouth from Surrey with her husband Eric and four sons when they were children.
Steve added: “I’ve never contacted a newspaper before or made a complaint about anything, but I’m doing this for mum. Mrs Simpson had been in hospital for two weeks and was receiving treatment for a lung infection. THE hospital’s director of nursing and midwifery Paula Shrobbrook told the Daily Echo: “We express our sincere condolences to Mrs Simpson’s family and are sorry they have had cause to complain to you. The management of the Royal Bournemouth are so concerned over the merger with Poole that patient care is way down the list I'm afraid. Nursing care in the NHS has gone down over the years partly due to the amount of paperwork that has to be filled in but I believe that nurse training is well down as well as most words are staffed by HCAs who receive minimalistic training, the NHS is no where near so caring as it used to be, the blame lies with management but mainly with Tony Spotswood who has no clue how to run a hospital or the work that's done in a hospital, he unfortunately is simply an accountant. What needs to happen is for people who haven't paid National Insurance in this country to be sent away from hospitals allowing a higher quality of care for those who have. While the politicians play the numbers game, it is the quality of the staff and, more importantly, the management that needs to change. Do you mean nurse training is well down as in they train less or that the quality of training isn't as good as it used to be? I know a few nurses and what they say more than anything is that they physically can't do all the work expected of them in the time they have to the standard that's needed. When the final moment eventually came with my nan I went out to the ward clerk to get some help (as usual nobody else was around) and all she could say to me was "what do you expect me to do about it?"! The problem in the NHS isn't immigration, immigration has highlighted that the system cannot cope by putting on additional pressure but the poor organisation, mismanagement of funds and underfunding of frontline staff has been a problem for as long as I can remember now.
Truly awful article to read and certainly my thoughts are with those concerned however I believe that these cases are very rare but certainly not excusable.My parents and in-laws all ended their lives in the care of Bournemouth hospital and its staff and I cant praise them enough for the way they treated them all which was with great care and respect. I am fortunate in so much as I only live in Dorset part of the time and can use London hospitals if the need arises.

When you mention the Royal Bournemouth to health professionals in London teaching hospitals they just laugh!
The problem with the NHS is not a lack of money (although no very senior NHS Manager will ever publically acknowledge this but will do so in private!) but the appalling way it is managed at local level and the constant reorganisations and changes in priorites to meet politically motivated agenda.
Argument: The dramatic incident erupted at a set of traffic lights outside Royal Hospital in Liverpool when the motorcyclist thought he'd been hit from behind (left). Road rage spat: It was filmed from a nearby car, with the footage showing the biker approach a Hackney cab and attempt to take a photo of the driver with his phone (left). Popular: The video was posted on the 'Driving Like A T*** In Liverpool' Facebook page yesterday and has so far had more than 12,000 views.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The decision to install a 3G mobile phone transmitter on the roof of Bronglais hospital in Aberystwyth has been criticised by a Plaid Cymru AM. Elin Jones, who represents Ceredigion, said there was a question over the safety of such masts. But Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust said radiation levels complied with national guidelines. The trust added that it was being paid for housing the technology, but would not reveal the amount. In recent years, there have been protests throughout the UK about the positioning of mobile phone masts near homes, amid worries that they affect people's health. The transmitter's owners, Hutchison 3G, said it recognised people's concerns, but it had consulted the community and received no objections.
But Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust said it agreed to house the transmitter after assurances there had been no local objections. A spokesman added the trust had also sought assurances that it would not interfere with medical equipment and complied with recognised radio frequency public exposure guidelines. Ms Stanford added it was in line with government planning policy which encourages operators to use existing structures to put the masts on, and that the company had received no objections.
Can t help thinking if there were more nursing staff available on the wards, this would never have happened-another awful consequence of the spending cuts.
Poor old lady having to die alone, in pain and so frightened.she had to ring her son for help. It would be improper to jump to conclusions but I am saddened by this and believe the family's account is probably tragically accurate. This includes EU residents, immigrants who aren't working, and anyone else who has never paid NI. I think you're right about HCAs being seen as a way to reduce nurse numbers but unfortunately there aren't enough nurses, that's why they receive government funding to study.

There are major issues for vulnerable people in respite care, nursing homes and day centres. All the time she was in hospital she did not receive the care she deserved - was never encouraged to take her medicine, eat her food or drink or drink. My mother was left to die with food just left by her side and no assistance from the staff. If only British residents accessed the NHS you'd still have problems because the people in charge of the NHS aren't running it properly. He is seen approaching the taxi driver (right)Taking exception to this, the taxi driver is seen knocking the phone from the motorcyclist's hand before the pair come face to face and a bizarre stand-off ensues.Both are seen almost dancing around one another, seemingly daring the other to make the first move, before the cab driver returns to his vehicle. The actual training for a nurse seems to very comprehensive - a three year university degree with placements where most students have holidays. Staff are not always trained to deal with then, and staff keep changing (or are not suitable in the first place). My mother passed away 5 years ago, but I am still so bitter about the care she received, and the fact that it will haunt me forever. Towards her final days she was continuously left precariously balancing on a commode because she was forgotten about. It's an absolute shambles really - there should be enough money for each ward to have as many nurses as they believe they need, no questions asked. So sadly it is true not tp be in Royal Bournemouth Hospital on a weekend or late evening as no doctors are around.? So sadly it is true not tp be in Royal Bournemouth Hospital on a weekend or late evening as no doctors are around.? There was one occasion when I went to visit her I heard a lady shouting "help me, help me". Staff had no idea about how the stroke had affected her (had to be on thickened liquids, pureed foods etc, would fall if allowed to stand, had communication problems).
Doctors did not want or were unable or didn't want to get involved (ie no physio for about 8 days because of holidays.
Wrong food, ie solid food or liquids she was not allowed, but because she was confused would eat.

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