Pisces astrology sign is ruled by Neptune making Pisces very understanding but over sensitive but some astrologer also consider it ruled by Jupiter that is a planet of luck making Pisces a born lucky fellow. Pisces Astrology Pisces astrology sign has the people who are the most intuitive of all the other zodiacs. Injuries to feet, any allergic reaction against drug, swelling and other related problems are common in zodiac sign Pisces.
Pisces Love Compatibility and Ideal PartnerAquarians are the best match for Pisceans and two tend to bond romantically. Pisces compatibility with Gemini is excellent because of their resilient nature, they are the best match.
Pisces and Virgo relationship is somewhat compatible as both these sun signs are entirely opposite in nature.

Virgos are good at taking decision and very organized whereas Pisces are day dreamers and think away from the practical world. Both the Sun sign Pisces and Sagittarius people are caring and love to make castle in air so have a strong relationship. Compatibility between Pisces and Capricorn exists and increases day by day and both shares love and compassion for each other. Although Pisces and Pisces form a good match but both the people will be introvert and too sensitive to the environment. Pisces are very considerate and empathetic that sometimes while helping others they do not care for their own health and take the pains of others. Pisces solve problems emotionally whereas Libra thinks in a practical manner to solve the problem.

But both the zodiacs need to develop mutual understanding, which will help the relationship to grow further. Their spiritual qualities can also develop their inclination towards a careers in the church or as mediums and mystics.
Since Pisceans are versatile and unable to concentrate much on any one project, they often simultaneously follow more than one occupation.

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