A Virgo can make a great friend, business partner, spouse or parent simply because this is the one sign of all 12 Zodiac Signs that notices every last detail and wants to fix it.
Capricorn shares a similar way of analyzing life and will get along well with a cautious Virgo. Virgo can also find some luck dating a Taurus, as long as these two sign can learn to compromise and turn down the stubbornness factor! Cancer and Scorpio can make close friends for a Virgo because they will bring out the repressed emotional side that Virgos tend to hide. Leo and Aries will naturally be jealous and confused by a Virgo because they are Fire Signs. I'm a Swedish astrologer, author and historian of ideas, researching the thought patterns in mythology. Qi (chi), prana, pneuma, spiritus, and all the other life force concepts around the world explained and compared. All the philosophers of Ancient Greece and what they thought about cosmology, myth, religion and the gods. The Virgo Zodiac sign, which is that of the Maiden, is the sixth sign of the Zodiac in the horoscope. The horoscope earth element leads to a mentality focused on the material, what's palpable and possible to investigate. The symbol of the Virgo horoscope sign, and the translation of its name, is the Virgin or the Maiden - not always the same thing, although in this framework intended to be.
More of an archetype for the Virgo horoscope sign and its meaning, though, would be a craftsman working minutely with complicated machines consisting of a multitude of small components that need to be assembled with precision. There are three earth signs in the Zodiac of the horoscope: Capricorn who prefers working with big things, Taurus who concentrates on basic things, and Virgo who is the expert of small and complicated things. Those with Virgo as their horoscope Zodiac sign are born with the sun in it, between August 23 and September 22. Those who have Virgo as their star sign are born when the sun was in Virgo, normally August 23 - September 22 (it differs slightly from year to year, be­cause of the leap years). The sun in your horoscope is your natural self - what you are when you relax, when other planets in your horoscope are not active. The sun is the most important point in your horoscope chart, but of course it's not the only thing that describes your personality. If your star sign is Virgo, you are a hard working person, paying great attention to detail, scrutinizing just about everything. Virgo is usually rather restless, getting frustrated if there is nothing to do - but there usually is. Virgo is the sign of the diligent worker, who has the perseverence to bring things to their completion, no matter how long it takes and how many obstacles appear.
The sun in the horoscope also represents your father (the mother is represented by the moon).
By reading the New Year Horoscope, astrology can reveal certain things about what will happen to Virgo during the year - at least some of the most significant and life-changing events. The above description is very general, to give you an idea of how the Virgo Zodiac sign traits affect the horoscope.
If you're unsure of your Zodiac sign, or if you want to know on what degree (between 0° and 30°) of the sign the sun was at your birth, please visit the Zodiac sign calculator. The Virgo horoscope sign, the scrutineer, belongs to the element earth, which is that of material things and working with your hands. All the astrological traits of each Zodiac sign have to be considered when examining their compatibility. This book explains what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. Definately the most inteligent and the most capable of dealing and resoving tricky problems. The Gemini Horoscope 2017 predicts that you will be in a position to merge your plans and initiatives this year of 2017.
Love Horoscope 2017 prediction for Gemini zodiac sign forecasts that there will be some happening developments in your relationships. Money Horoscope for 2017 predicts that those in the field of sales, advertising and marketing segments shall make more money in 2017. Gemini 2017 Astrology foresees that your health and vitality shall stay satisfactory for most of 2017. Socially it will be a rewarding period for the Gemini zodiac sign, as you will enjoy a fantastic time socially as well as with loved ones. Cancer Virgo Relationship CompatibilityVirgos and Cancers tend to have mood changes that often get on the nerves of one another. Both Cancer and Virgo have a habit of worrying; often being anxious about loved ones and even life itself. Aries Virgo Relationship CompatibilityThis pairing have two virtues they possess and take comfort in: the desire for the truth and honesty. Taurus Virgo Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to Taurus and Virgo relationship compatibility harmony and happiness is found. They love being connected to the Earth, working with its natural materials, and developing and perfecting their manual skills in a certain specific area. Capricorn Virgo Relationship CompatibilityBoth these astrology signs are practical folks – often regarded as being trustworthy and responsible; more mature for their ages. This zodiac match understands each other quite well due to how they respond to people and situations and their similar demeanors. Gemini Virgo Relationship CompatibilityVirgo and Gemini are highly intellectual creatures – regarded as being more rational than they are emotional. Gemini can be a bit restless mentally and needs new ideas and people as well as intellectual challenges to stimulate them. Leo Virgo Relationship CompatibilityThese two astrology signs are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The two are extremely different from one another – Virgo tends to be reserved and modest whereas the Leo is a bit of a narcissist and expressive having a tendency to over exaggerate their life whereas Virgo stays impartial and realistic. Libra Virgo Relationship CompatibilityLibra loves to talk with people, hearing about their experiences and thoughts on whatever. Both zodiac signs are perfectionists, but in their own way, how they view perfection can differ too.
Pisces Virgo Relationship CompatibilityVirgo tends to be quite comfortable with ambiguity; sorting their life into comprehensive sections. There are many ways in which the Pisces and Virgo are different; but, it’s these differences that can work together, leading each astrology sign to learn from the other.
Sagittarius Virgo Relationship CompatibilityVirgo puts their attention on finer details whereas Sagittarius puts its focus on a broader span. Virgo is conservative and practical whereas Sagittarius is regarded as a gambler and idealistic.
Scorpio Virgo Relationship CompatibilityBoth signs are compatible when it comes to being practical and the need to carefully look at people and situations. Scorpios are seen as deep, quiet and emotionally complex, hiding their jealous and guilty feelings out of being misinterpreted. Virgo Virgo Relationship CompatibilityTwo Virgos together can only mean one thing: two perfectionists in the same household means hard to please and highly critical of each other. Virgo astrology signs have similar demeanors, leaving them to understand each other very well. Aquarius Virgo Relationship CompatibilityThese astrology signs deal with problems and ideas in different ways. A key difference between the Virgo and Aquarius’ temperaments is that Aquarius breaks away from tradition and hates authority loving excitement, always looking for things and ideas to experience and experiment with.
Preferences and DesiresYou, Virgo, see all details in your relationships compatibility – big and small.
At their best, a Virgo is efficient, modest, honest, and loyal friends, lovers, or family members.
Virgo is known for being a natural perfectionist and they feel most comfortable living an organized lifestyle. These two signs can build a strong foundation and grow together with very little drama and a lot of success. Water Signs like Cancer and Scorpio help an introverted Earth Sign, such as Virgo, feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. If you want to date a Virgo, you should know that they will analyze everything about you and will want to be comfortable with you before they consider a serious relationship. The best way to get along with a Virgo mother or father is to stay calm, and try to listen to what they say. Money represents security and Virgo, much like Taurus and Capricorn, needs a strong foundation of stability in their lifestyle before they can open their heart to love.
I also work directly with clients to help improve their personal or company's digital image online through various social media platforms. The 64 hexagrams of the ancient Chinese I Ching, The Book of Change, and what they mean in divination. The mutable quality normally makes a follower, but in the case of the Virgo Zodiac sign it's more of a critical attitude that never ceases. For much more about the Virgo Zodiac sign influence in the horoscope, see the links in the menu to the left and below.
It's your basic drive, a character you have as an ingredient - more or less evident in all you do and all you are. You need to look at all the components of your birth chart, to get a correct astrological description of your­self.
To the Virgo horoscope sign, there's no detail small enough not to be considered and no effort tedious enough to be ignored. Its first third has something of a cardinal quality, whatever the quality of the sign as a whole is, its second third is slightly more fixed in quality, and the last third is more mutable. That means you're very critical and trust nothing that you haven't exam­ined thoroughly. That means your Virgo traits reveal something about the characteristics of your relationship with your father.

You need to study your complete horoscope birth chart carefully, to make a deeper and more nuanced interpretation.
So do Taurus and Capricorn, but that doesn't necessarily mean Virgo is particularly compatible with them - they need to feel mutual connections and similarities. That's not only done by the Zodiac sign, but also by the planets, astrological Houses, and aspects. You learn what the Zodiac signs, the planets, and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues and different types of illnesses.
Very sensitive on the inside, they don't show it on the outside because they always think about doing something before doing it. You might be susceptible to catch some communicable diseases therefore restrain some caution in this aspect. Cancer may have times where they are worried, feeling nostalgic, are concerned about something and want to be tender.
They have a love for order, cleanliness, proper etiquette and behavior and tidiness, which can make living with them a bit difficult to do.
After all, their personal practices and natural emotional responses to things around them differ and can lead to tremendous aggravation over time.
Both astrology signs are extremely practical and work effectively together in marriage and work. Capricorn, however, tends to create a plan to succeed in their ventures and advance in their career.
Libra longs for the perfect relationship compatibility – one that doesn’t include tension or disharmony. Pisces, on the other hand, doesn’t have an issue with taking in various ideas – contradictory or not – having no urgent reason to deal with them. Virgo handles material issues in an organized, factual and efficient way, looking at the finer points. Virgo is a true perfectionist, is highly critical of themselves and others and has such a high standard set for themselves and others that it can be impossible for people to live up to. Virgo has no problem with playing things safely; Sagittarius loves being a risk taker, going more on faith than anything else.
Both can range from extreme cleanliness to extreme messiness, or become so particular and focused on certain areas of their relationship compatibility that other areas become neglected. Based on this you analyze how viable your relationship is, so you try and focus on the everyday details of it.
But Virgo traits can also include positive qualities like helpful, precise, reliable and observant. Water Signs, in general, are more openminded and accepting, usually not judgmental, so they can be a confidant for Virgos. The worst thing you can do on a first date with a Virgo is be loud, rude, arrogant, non-intellectual, or narcissistic… A Virgo will weed out dramatic, unstable, and uninteresting people. Known as clean freaks and uber-organized, a Virgo will not appreciate someone messing up their workspace, personal space, or home. Bursts of emotions and temper-tantrums won’t work on Virgo parents, and neither will sad or grumpy faces. Loving someone can be risky, heartbreaking, and unpredictable, all things that Virgo tries to avoid….
These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube Channels or custom websites. Several spreads are introduced, as well as the meanings of all the 78 cards and their pictures. The Virgo horoscope sign is the character of the scrutineer, who never takes things for granted and always searches for flaws. Virgo belongs to the ele­ment earth, its quality is mutable and its charge is negative. It's an ability becoming a personality, which is something that can be said of most Zodiac signs. Below you find what can be said in general about the Virgo Horoscope Traits, based only on the sun's position.
Virgo is not much for improvisation, but needs mostly to go to the bottom of things, and to be prepared. There may be some truth to this criticsm, but the mere insistence and persistence of it can frustrate most. You both often think that the other one is doing things wrong, even if you're not always sure to be able to do it better.
Nor for that matter is the Virgo Zodiac sign always incompatible with, say, the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, although they are quite different. It also contains the twelve astrological Houses and certain significant angles (aspects) between the planets. New methods look to open up and it shall enable you to get closer to attaining your set ideals for life. There could be a lot freedom for you personally to work at your own pace in your professional workplace. These are things that Virgo just has no understanding for as they have a tendency to become easily aggravated over minor things. Cancer tends to be more compassionate than the Virgo, who has no problem helping out albeit in a more practical sense.
Both astrology signs can become quite uncomfortable with one another in their relationship compatibility due to their general differences.
A life that’s rewarding and rich can be found with one another – they can devote their time to themselves and to their children. Taurus tends to move slower than the Virgo when it comes to decisions and doesn’t like changes in their domestic atmosphere.
Virgo uses their practical skills and talents to make their success both in and out of the workplace often helping out others.
They both look at responsibilities as being first before they take part in any kind of play or pleasure, many times they tend to neglect their own needs to carry these things out. Leo loves receiving recognition and social approval and tends to outshine the Virgo when in the limelight who tends to be more self-sufficient than the Leo and may not give them the appreciation they demand. Virgo has no problem sticking to the sidelines and background – helping out instead of being the leader. The kind of partnership where all problems are worked out, topics are discussed and there is an equitable share of the chores. Pisces is a bit unorganized and have their head in the clouds when talking about practical things.
Still, there are instances when Scorpio will walk into a situation without any regard to their safety. Many times in order for these feelings to occur, they unintentionally or even intentionally create a crisis.
These signs have an eye for detail, and when they put their minds to something, can carry out any task with skills and precision… together! You are aware that practicality is an important factor in compatibility and know that the practical aspect isn’t always the most glamorous.
Aries and Leo like to work together and will ruthlessly (and impulsively) go towards a goal… Yet, a Virgo will attain the same level of success quietly and individually without burning bridges or making enemies along the way. Dating a Virgo means you will have to present a mix of classy manners and stimulating conversation.
Virgo rules are pretty simple: be clean, be organized, try your best, and be willing to learn and constantly improve towards greatness! In any case, the idea of the maiden representing the Virgo horoscope sign's traits may be the romantic notion that a woman chooses carefully her first. In spite of that, you have your best times together when you do things, when you're working on something.
For all about it, click on the header to go to my website on the astrological meaning of the complete horoscope.
You will have to be further cautious about matters associated to joint finance, your partner’s relatives or inheritance. In 2017, you will get a lot of opportunities to find balance in your life and to learn more about the fields where you are not stable. Although you might feel fit overall, this might be your last chance to overcome all other recurring ailments. And, with their intense need to use sarcasm and criticism can often injure the sensitive feelings of Cancer. Cancer has an empathic nature, allowing them to handle the feelings and personal experiences of other people easily. And, this perfection extends to themselves as well; they may think that everything they do isn’t good enough. Aries usually has no problem with throwing caution to the wind and Virgo is a worry-wart when details have not been dealt with. Aries has a more brash approach to life – acting first then dealing with the penalties and tends to have frequent emotional explosions that are, fortunately, brief.
Taurus’ emotional state is much calmer than the Virgo’s and Virgo loves Taurus’ soothing, fostering qualities. It’s these energies that bring together quite nicely the relationship compatibility of a Virgo and Capricorn.
Virgo’s got a down-to-earth attitude and Gemini loves having ideas that have no rhyme or reason to it. Typically critical of themselves and very modest, Virgo is a perfectionist that has a real talent for narrowing down details and putting their affairs in order. Virgo also has an inclination for being fussy and a perfectionist, which can backfire when turned toward Leo who has a real sensitivity to criticism, usually viewing Virgo’s criticism as being a personal attack on their relationship compatibility.
Leo loves to give affection and praise to people whereas Virgo shows their love in a more practical manner and a bit quieter. Virgo loves this quality of the Pisces, and Pisces can actually benefit from the simplicity of Virgo’s life. Of course, this approach to things balances one another, although it can lead to conflict with the relationship compatibility.

Virgo craves order; Sagittarius isn’t much like the Virgo in that they can be indifferent to things that Virgo holds dear.
Scorpio often finds Virgo being overly timid and taking the more cautious approach to things. Some of their less desirable traits and habits are the compulsive need to worry, the focus on flaws instead of one’s success, etc. But if your partner happens to be the romantic type, he or she may not always appreciate your efforts and see it as a sign of affection.
Virgo is humble, hardworking and patient … they are not afraid of taking on a task from beginning to end, without asking for help from others.
Virgo is similar to Gemini in the the sense that they love to learn new things and tend to be attracted to smart people that can keep up mentally.
But Virgos are true micromanagers; not only do they expect perfection from themselves, they tend to also expect perfection from their employees.
Ensure you are saving all your energy for all those in your life who love you and support your general goals in life.
Taking stress for some legal problem could also turn out to be hazardous to your well being. Virgo needs to be more sensible and Cancer needs to work on forgiveness when things don’t go their way. For their relationship compatibility well-being, they need to learn self-love and acceptance. Aries is the sign that acts on their impulses; Virgo takes the think now, act later approach. Both love food; but, Virgo is more concerned about the nutrition aspect where the Taurus just enjoys food.
Virgo’s perfectionist nature lies in wanting things perfect in their environment and that precise attention is given to diet, health, hygiene, etc. This is especially true when Sagittarius views things from their own perspective, being able to take care of themselves, butfeels Virgo needs to have a little more faith.
Virgos will express how they feel about someone by doing practical things for them and, because of that, they help out with daily chores and other tasks without much complaint. Living with Virgos can be tricky to do, with nagging a must-need-to-avoid in order for the relationship compatibility to work.
Virgo worries with the preciseness of plans, helping Aquarius to implement their ideas and fulfill them. Aquarius looks for ways to improve their social standing but is usually out of touch with how they feel about themselves and their immediate surroundings. You are not the romantic type, and have rather simple preferences and desires for your relationship. It really is extremely essential to manage love issues delicately or it may possibly bring about cracks in your relations.
You should spend more time with your family since this will lead to relaxation of your mind.
Both astrology signs are highly capable of devoting themselves to each other and their children. Virgo usually overanalyzes themselves and, because of that, Aries is impatient with this attitude. They are different in that Virgo worries continuously while Aries rebuffs the Virgo’s nature. Of course, a partnership like this can become mundane and boring especially if there is no strong sexual connection between the two, fortunately this is not the case in this liaison. In fact, they’d rather stick to logical, safe paths and have recognised responsibilities in how they deal with others; but, when it comes to themselves, they expect more than too much and can be cruel to themselves when failing to live up to an expectation. Things must be in their correct place for the Virgo within a relationship to satisfy their criteria for perfect compatibility; something that can grate on the Gemini’s nerves. Another issue between these two zodiac signs is that Leo often takes for granted the work Virgo puts into things. And, Virgo can be a bit hard to live with because of their perfectionist nature can cause compatibility issues. Virgo is very critical of themselves, trying to live to all kinds of standards that are just too high for them to reach. Pisces is often regarded as highly compassionate, giving to people indiscriminately who need help, whether they actually need it or not. Virgo may spend an excessive amount of time criticizing details and miss a well-timed, executed good plan. There may be situations in which the Scorpio is stubborn and persevering and may see Virgo’s sense of not committing as being weak. Positively, Virgos place importance on devotion and care on the important people and things to them. The Aquarius and Virgo work well together especially in terms of intellectual and social pursuits. On a more personal level they are very comfortable with each other and love being able to rely on one another. You know that you are (and want to be) needed all the time, so it can be difficult for you to see the forest for the trees at times and sitting back, relaxing, and putting some faith in the big picture can benefit you once in a while. Therefore, people with their sun here are the most typical Virgo, its traits obvious in them - sometimes irritatingly so. It’s only natural for both to take care of each other creating a great relationship compatibility.
However, they suffer from emotional highs and lows, but love Virgo’s closeness and dedication. Virgo has more of a giving nature and tends to fall into the “servant” role when in a patrnership with Aries. Both signs view faithfulness, friendship and love as being one of the most important qualities to have to form the best relationship compatibility. Despite this difference, they understand one another and can tend have a successful partnership. Both have advanced sensitivities, responding quickly to logic and reason and are less impulsive and emotional. While the differences might appear to cause strife in the relationship compatibility, it’s actually possible for the pair to appreciate one another. While the emotional states of these zodiac signs differ, they have a shared introspective quality that allows them to appreciate each other. Virgo often keeps their promise and is diligent in the things they do; Sagittarius tends to over exaggerate and bite off more than they can chew. Virgo may often view the Scorpio has being overly passionate or crude about some circumstances and ideas. Virgos differ from Scorpio in that they respond to situations with rational and logical sense. While it may seem that the Virgo is an unemotional sign, both in the partnership care about the other person’s feelings and health. The partnership may appear cool and aloof but with other available factors, it could have sexual attraction, love and warmth. You put great effort into making yourself indispensable in your soul mate’s life, but realize that you don’t have to be needed in order to be loved. Leo has no problem with being playful but the Virgo is often embarrassed by the antics of the Leo. Virgo may seem Libra as a bit wishy-washy with Libra viewing the Virgo as being intolerant.
A primary difference between them is that Libra sees merit in nearly all viewpoints and doesn’t have extreme views. However, the pair can work harmoniously together thanks to Sagittarius’ vision and enterprise and Virgo’s practical skills and advice.
While the Virgo may find the playfulness of the Sagittarius a breath of fresh air, it can become a serious problem affecting the relationship compatibility between them; more so if they try changing one another.
Virgo’s sensitivities don’t like leaving the sign with “dirty” hands – both figuratively and literally. Virgo may come across as shy and restrained due to a happening in their life or how they were raised. There are definite things these two can learn from one another, and it’s these differences in personalities that bring the Virgo and Aries faction together. Due to the conservative nature of the Virgo, they may clash with the flamboyancy of the Leo.
Still, in good times, the different natures of these two astrology signs can complement their relationship compatibility towards one another more so than annoy them.
There will be cases when Sagittarius feels annoyed by Virgo’s pettiness and need to criticize.
Still, a way for both signs to increase their relationship compatibility and support one another is for Virgo to put together and carry out some of the creative ideas the Aries has. If the two signs can bring together their different demeanors and learn to work together, a meaningful and fulfilling relationship bond can be had. Virgo is highly critical of themselves and, when it comes to criticism from other people, they are extremely sensitive. If problems are to be overcome with this pair, they’ll need to be tolerant and have some humor. Therefore needs to be mindful of how they handle their feelings when upset because Virgo can become hurt. Both tend to overanalyze themselves and other people and seek out ways they can better themselves and their relationship compatibility.

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