If you are an unregistered user, please create an account or log in to an existing one for everyone's convenience. The Top Secret Lab is a special feature in Hungry Shark Evolution which was first introduced on the 2013 Halloween update which contains special sharks that have unique abilities which serve as alternatives to the main sharks in the game.
Remember though, the three sharks (Electro, Ice, and Robo Shark) in Professor Kempstein's secret lab grow rapidly but their growth is not saved so be wary.
It should be known that for the robo-shark, its description in-game shows that it does not grow rapidly but, indeed like the others, the Robo Shark's growth is not saved, possibly because of its abilities. The Robo shark has Built-in thrusters which work a bit differently from the Jetpack, the Electro shark has an ability that works similarly to how an Electric eel uses special muscles to produce electricity and the Ice shark has a cold sub-zero breath, both sharks abilities yield double points (Like the Laser.) when eaten while stunned.
The Robo Shark has the qualities of the Great White Shark and (in terms of being immune to jellyfish poison) the Megalodon.
The Electro Shark is the first Top-Secret Lab shark to be unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution. The Electro Shark can only be viewed once when the Top Secret Lab is unlocked with a high score of at least 500,000. The Electro Shark is a powerful shark that begins every game at a tiny size (a few less than a Barracuda's). Many players even consider the Electro Shark superior to the Ice Shark, which may be true, considering the fact that when the Ice Shark uses it's boost it actually slows down.
Note: this list includes the Electro Shark's natural prey and not ones available to it during a Gold Rush.
It was once the only lab shark not to have an enemy counterpart, until the Pyro Shark was added.
The Electro Shark is a poor choice for fighting the Giant Crab due to it's rather small boost meter.
The Robo Shark is the third Top-Secret Lab Sharks to be unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution. The Robo Shark is a super powerful shark that can blast into the sky with a jet-pack fashioned ability. If said mines hit a distant target, it will allow the Robo Shark to receive an amount of health points. His jetpack ability and boosting underwater is more controllable and faster than the normal jetpack and other sharks. Even though the Megalodon has higher stats and a larger bite size, the Robo Shark is still comparable to due to the fact it can do anything the Megalodon can, and it can kill enemy sharks that are much stronger. His "jetpack" and boosting (underwater) is more controllable than the regular jetpack and other sharks.
Can't eat Mega Mines, Ultra Mines, Small Fishing Boats, and Shark Finning Boats unless armed with mines. Lacks abilities of the Megalodon such as being unable to eat the King of Summer from below and can't break certain mines and boats unless armed with mines. The Robo Shark and the Megalodon are the only sharks who can get a x64 multiplier during a gold rush.

It was often debated whether the Robo Shark or Megalodon was the most powerful shark in Hungry Shark Evolution. The Robo Shark is one of four sharks that can eat Mini Sub's torpedoes; the others are the Big Daddy, Mr Snappy, and Alan, Destroyer of Worlds.
Oddly, the player does not have to tap the screen with a second finger or 3D touch to boost in the air; he or she only have to use the joystick and the jetpack will start if in air.
It has an evil version, the Enemy Robo Shark, which is oddly much larger than it, and it can reach the size of a level 7 Big Daddy.
In the 2014 Christmas Update, an Enemy Ice Shark was added as part of the new Christmas-themed content.
The Enemy Ice Shark retains the special ability of the Ice Shark, that being the ability to breathe icy breath. A new accessory released in the update, titled the Santa Baby, nullifies the Enemy Ice Shark's frost breath when equipped. Due to its lack of boost, it is nearly impossible for the Ice Shark to eat Paragliders, Mini Subs, Giant Crabs, and other enemies that require boost to be damaged or killed. The Electro Shark is seen as the better of the first two Top-Secret Lab sharks, as it is commonly thought that it gives more value for money.
The Robo Shark and the Ice Shark both have enemy versions and the Enemy Robo Shark is found in Space, while the Ice Shark is found in the Arctic Land.
It has been discovered that the Ice Shark can deal damage normally to the Giant Crab, and break Mini Subs, even though the boost makes this shark slow down. If the Ice Shark freezes prey that can't be eaten by the itself (such as Enemy Alans, Enemy Snappies, Enemy Big Daddies, or Enemy Megalodons), then those creatures will remain frozen but won't be edible while frozen. You can find the Enemy Ice Shark by diving deep into the Arctic land, it is recommended not to go for it as a Tiger Shark or lower.
Part 3 contains an underwater volcano complete with an evil genius' secret lair, Enemy Sharks, Massive Oil Rigs, Underwater Oil Slicks, Shark Finners, the mythical Kempy Bass plus more than 20 other new creature types to feast upon.
The Top Secret Lab becomes available when you achieve a high score of at least +500,000 points.
This shark is based on a creature that is rumored to exist under the ice sheets of Europa (a moon of Jupiter). It has the ability to fly using its Built-in thrusters and turn small mines into a volley of deadly projectiles.
However, the special abilities of the Top Secret Lab sharks compensate for it as their abilities mimic the effects of some accessories.
It is loosely based off the prehistoric Scapanorhynchus shark (which is very closely related to the modern-day Goblin Shark), and it's special ability is shocking all nearby prey when boosting. Once this prerequisite is met, it costs 25,000 coins or 250 gems to purchase, which makes him the least expensive Top secret lab shark.
After eating one mine, the Robo Shark will be able to shoot 11, and one of the round red lights on the side of the shark's body will become green.
The Robo Shark also has a much lower health drain, and its smaller size allows it to remain unstuck when passing through narrow passages.

Three "sharks" can get higher multipliers than the two, and those are the Big Daddy x84, Mr. However, the Robo Shark is less versatile and Megalodon generally excels in most situations, Megalodon is more often voted the better of the two.
It is unlocked after the Electro Shark.The Ice Shark has a similar ability to the Electro Shark, but has some key differences. Its "Super Freeze Breath" allows it to freeze its prey, encasing them in a frozen block of ice.
The frost breath breathed by the Enemy Ice Shark will slow down your shark temporarily for a few seconds.
The only issue is that this shark isn't quick enough to hit the Giant Crab's "Weak Spot" since boosting is much slower and the Ice Shark is slow and can't dodge the submarine's torpedoes. The cost of Robo Shark is 180,000 coins compared to the 50.000 coins for Megalodon and 250,000 coins for the Big Daddy. Frozen prey are stunned for a period of time (until they are eaten) and contain double points when eaten. It's diet, health, and boost bar are all similar to the Great White Shark except for its boost speed. The Enemy Ice Shark seems to have the same appearance as the regular Ice Shark, which is not alike other enemy sharks which have slightly altered appearances to their regular counterparts. It can be equipped alongside another baby shark, effectively giving you two extra mouths in one game.
If leveled up to level 10, this shark will have the size, capabilities, and strength of a Tiger Shark.
Because of these missiles, it is the only shark that can "eat" all enemy sharks without entering a Gold Rush other than the titan himself, Mr.
On the flip-side, its consumption rate is low, probably because of the small bite area, and it is unable to boost underwater.
Its main weakness, however, is the fact that to gain all this power, it must constantly consume Mines to keep firing missiles. Unfortunately, the Ice Shark's icy breath's short range restricts it from catching Paragliders (Paragliders can be caught by the freeze breath but won't fall), and its inability to freeze Helicopters restricts it from catching them, too. The Santa Baby is extremely useful for nullifying the freezing effects of Ice Sharks and Snowmen. Because of this, many players view the shark not worth its price even though players can freeze prey, it can be eaten by megalodon Ice Selfie! The Electro Shark can consume everything that can be consumed by a Tiger Shark, even sharks much larger than itself.

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